Glowtrade was founded in 1986 to provide parachute systems and components for the Malaysia Defence Force. Through our technical know-how and dedicated team of skilled personnel, we pride ourselves a being one of the leading parachute manufacturers in South East Asia.

Our track record as a defence supplier to the Malaysia Defence industry speaks for itself. We have delivered more than 3,000 static line main and reserve parachutes to our clients.

Our continuous research and development of high-tech military solutions has resulted in us being able to offer a wide range of products including multi-spectrum camouflage nets, smart uniforms, sniper suits and tactical shelters. We have produced and delivered more than 500,000m² of multi-spectrum camouflage net to several countries world wide.

Our systems and equipment have been tested and proven in compliance with the military specifications. We also place our utmost assurance on our products quality and workmanship. We provide excellent after sales service so that our clients are assured on all their purchases.

Glowtrade manufacture and supply a wide range of military equipment.
All of our equipment and apparel is manufactured in accordance with strict US Military or equivalent standards.
Our sniper suit offers thermal camouflage whilst being cool and comfortable to the wearer.

Static line parachute main and reserve

We produce three main models of static line parachute:

  • MPS Model 1: non-steerable, upgraded T10B, 35ft version
  • MPS Model 2: steerable, upgraded MC1-1BD, 35ft version
  • MPS Model 3: steerable, upgraded MC1-1C, 35ft version

Our parachutes are manufactured in accordance with US Military specifications, except where selected components are manufactured to equivalent or higher specifications.

Multi-spectrum camouflage net

Our camouflage net applies the latest state of the art technology by providing total concealment solutions. It protects observation through naked eyes, infrared rays, radar scattering and thermal sensor. The system comes together with the supporting accessories such as an adapter and spreader, and a fiber glass pole.

Sniper suits

The design and manufacture for the material of our sniper suit is designed to break the human outline in all surrounding background environments for maximum concealment. This technology not only customizes to color pattern and surface texture but it also thermally treated on request.

The fabric itself adapts to environmental temperature change with automatic cooling and heating function as follows:

  • No change on outside temperature at 100°C and 20°C
  • Outside temperature over 30°C, lower temperature of the suit by 10 around 1°C
  • Outside temperature less 5°C, increase temperature inside the suit by 7.5 around 1°C

The suit consists of pants and jacket, with optional mask and helmet. The sniper suit weighs approximately 2.8kg and incorporates high tech permeable material that can discharge sweat, keeping the wearer cool.

Cargo parachutes, deceleration parachutes, and personal apparel and equipment

We also produce cargo parachutes, deceleration parachutes, smart uniforms, tree descent equipment, carrying strap personnel equipment parachute and PASGT ballistic helmets. We also hold the sole distribution rights of many leading sport and free jump parachute systems for this region.