ODU provides innovative, robust, secure, and reliable connector solutions for the military and security field.

Whether extreme environmental factors or strong mechanical stress, working properly even under the most difficult conditions is a basic requirement for all connection technology used in military and security applications.

ODU connectors ensure a fast information flow with no malfunctions or interruptions in its communication systems.

Robust and reliable connector systems

With robust and reliable high-tech products, ODU provides connections in places where the highest security level is the standard.

The medium-sized company is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers, employing 2,300 people around the world.

ODU is involved in soldier modernisation programmes worldwide. In this field, connectors must meet a number of rigorous conditions, including ease-of-use and reliability under the most extreme conditions.

ODU connectors meet and often exceed these by providing a reliable connection under the harshest of conditions.

High-durability military and security connectors

ODU designs the highly robust metal circular connector series ODU AMC® for the military and security technology.

These are used in soldier communication systems, various ‘soldier of the future’ programmes, night vision systems, future soldier radios, radar systems, sonar systems for nuclear and non-nuclear submarines, weapon systems, and portable navigation systems, as well as launcher / rockets, aviation, battleships and armoured vehicles.

ODU AMC® designs are resilient, water-tight, have a low-reflection surface, and a low weight.

Its push-pull locking and break-away functions allow connections to be closed or opened quickly and easily.

The low weight, low-reflection surface, excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) properties, and compact construction make these connections ideal elements for military and security technology.

ODU can offer solutions for special requirements such as ‘hot plugging’ or hybrid inserts.

Colour-coded and watertight connector solutions

Features of the ODU AMC® connector series include mechanical and colour coding, mating under load and blind mating options, excellent shielding, watertight protection class IP 68, and excellent data transmission.

The connectors are also available in different sizes, from two to 55 contacts, are extremely rugged and solid, and come with easy-clean versions.

High-density connector systems for high functionality

ODU presented its innovative miniature connector series ODU AMC® High-Density at electronica 2014.

With a diameter of less than 10mm to 18.5mm, and a pole density of up to 40 contacts, the ODU AMC® High-Density proves that high functionality and premium quality do not require a lot of space.

Whether used in the military helmet technology or in-ear devices for soldiers, the ODU AMC® High-Density guarantees reliable, disturbance-free signal and data transmission.

It is a reliable connector solution also for medical, measuring and testing, sensor technology and communication systems.

Customised connector products to suit various applications

Along with standard products, ODU also provides customised connector solutions for a large number of applications.

Additionally, at the customer’s request, the medium-sized company can provide complete cable assembly solutions.

Application-specific solutions for more than 75 years

ODU has provided innovative application-specific connector solutions for more than 75 years.

ODU managing director Dr. Ing. Kurt Woelfl comments: “Trust and reliability are the foundation of any successful connection. In addition to creativity, they are the foundation of our company.

“Our strategic goal is a stable, revenue-oriented growth particularly in our core markets: Europe, Asia and North America.

“ODU continues to position itself as one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers.”