The ODU AMC® High-Density connectors provide the highest possible number of contacts in the most compact space with a diameter of less than 10mm to 18.5mm and a contact density of up to 40 contacts. ODU AMC® High-Density are advanced miniature connector solution for applications that require significant weight and space reduction such as:

Helmet mounted-cameras, group voice and data radios, headsets, GPS antennas and navigation modules, battery packs, computer/PAN, wrist-worn displays or rifle mounted systems and vehicle adaptations. The ODU AMC® High-Density connector series offer high performance data transmission, high reliability and easy handling.

ODU provides the full suite of complementary products and services including innovative options for cable assembly, rapid prototyping and product development, local engineering support, as well as overmolding and turn-key system solutions.

Versatile Configuration Options

  • High-contact density with up to 40 contacts
  • Break-Away with optional screw-locking for maximum saftey
  • High-speed data transmission capable
  • International protection class IP 6K8 – up to 20m submersion
  • Salt spray resistance
  • Rugged and non-reflecting surface
  • Innovative options for assembly and extrusion for the cable bend relief