The modular ODU connectors are used as interfaces in the military sector and offer maximum reliability and flexibility. They can be individually adjusted to the corresponding requirements.

  • Long service life with up to ten million mating cycles
  • Excellent resistance due to vibration-resistant ODU SPRINGTAC® contacts
  • Various housing variants available
  • Automatic docking and manual handling possible
  • Versatile, individual transmission of signals, power, high-current, high-voltage, HF signals (coax), media such as air or fluids, data rates, vacuum and fibre optic

Our ODU-MAC® Silver-Line products are ideal as a connection solution for seamless communication and real-time data exchange for military vehicles and UGVs thanks to automatic docking. The manually operated ODU-MAC® White-Line provides you with a high-quality, modular connector system that has proven itself for insertion in military environments such as field communication and power supply units in military applications.