Complete service that creates a system solution by combining the high-quality connector with a suitable cable assembly.

Get everything you need from a single source! To create a connector system that is right for you, we ensure the optimal interaction of three central components: the ODU Connectors, the optimal termination technology, and a suitable cable. For example, for an application involving high currents or temperatures as well as high‐speed data transmission, whereby reliable tightness is also important, it is not enough to simply offer a high‐quality connector – and disregard the associated termination technology or cable assembly. A connector can only meet the requirements for your application in combination with the right cable.

  • High‐speed data technology
  • Fiber Optic
  • Standard and customized overmoldings
  • Custom labeling and cable printing
  • Sample, small series, and large‐scale production
  • Worldwide availability through 4 international production sites

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