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Stackable and Portable Cots and Beds

Disc-O-Bed is recognised around the world for its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system, especially where sleep space may be hard to find.

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Disc-O-Bed is recognised around the world for its unique ability to design and deliver bunkable strength in a ready-to-go sleep system, especially where sleep space may be hard to find.

Moving thousands of soldiers quickly has its own logistical challenges; how to sleep them efficiently and effectively should not be one of them. Disc-O-Bed has a long history of military service, providing sleep solutions that measure up to the extreme demands of troop deployment.

Sleep solutions for extreme military conditions

Since 1988 Disc-O-Bed has been committed to challenging conventional cot wisdom with a hard working team that are service-oriented and proudly backed by a unique and hardwearing product.

The Arm-O-Bunk, supplied to the US Military, is berry amendment compliant and holds a national stock number (NSN) supplier status as recognised by all Nato countries, including the US Department of Defense.

The unique Arm-O-Bunk is the result of an ‘at the ready’ sleep solution that is easy to assemble, quick to disassemble and conveniently transportable. Side organisers and footlockers are included.
By a simple action the Arm-O-Bunk can be converted into a bench or two single cots.
All loose components are stored in a zippered canvas carry bag for quick and easy transportation.
The complete Arm-O-Bunk system is supplied in an outer storage bag – making for a sleep solution that is on hand and immediately available.
For storage of personal items, the lockable footlocker boasts multiple storage compartments and slides neatly away under the bunk.

Robust and transportable sleep solutions

Our patented and interoperable disc system is the secret behind the strength, comfort and modularity of our cots. The result is a sleep solution that is robust, transportable, hygienic, and offer an effective and comfortable sleep solution that is:

  • Ready: transportable, neat and compact, quick to assemble and easy to dismantle as no tools are required
  • Bunkable: made to stack when space is at a premium
  • Strong: the steel construction with a patented disc system makes our cots robust and sturdy with a weight tolerance far exceeding traditional cots
  • Adaptable: superior modular design accommodates uneven terrain and is easily customised and, enhanced with add on accessories
  • Hygienic: no mattress is required. The 900 denier polyester mat is strong, quick drying, resistant to stretching, wrinkle and mildew resistant and easily washable
  • Tried and tested: proud supplier to the US Military, German Red Cross, Cabela’s, US AID, Spanish Military, Canadian Military, Costco Canada and a number of emergency response groups around the world
  • Service-minded: Disc-O-Bed is a company based on a history of customising their product for extreme needs and rapidly deploying with a sense of urgency
  • Modular: supplying spare or lost parts on an open-stock basis without having to purchase the entire cot system each time
  • Comfortable: engineered to alleviate the central crossbar found in traditional cot designs

Portable military bunk bed

Developed specifically to US Department of Defense specifications, the versatile Arm-O-Bunk addresses the need for comfortable strength and rapid deployment and by virtue of its "bunkability" the cot system reduces the overall encampment footprint, tent size and related HVAC costs.

The modular designed and patented disc system of the Arm-O-Bunk allows for quick, no tool or screw assembly, requires no mattress, and is robust and strong sleeping up to 400lbs (180kg) per single cot. By simple action and no additional purchase, the bunk converts to a sitting bench or to two single cots.

Arm-O-Bunk is a sleep solution for the toughest conditions and is supplied with a side organiser, footlocker (also available without footlocker), and canvas carry bag for neat storage and quick transportation.


Beige, powder coated, anti rust steel frame
Outer dimensions: 81.75" (208cm) L x 39.5" (100.5cm) W x 43.5" (110.5cm) H
Sleep area: 79" (201cm) L x 34.5" (88cm) W
Height of bottom cot: 15.75" (40cm)
Height of top cot: 39" (99.5cm)
Pack dimensions: 40.75" (103.5cm) L x 22.5" (57cm) W x 11.75" (30cm) H
Weight of bunk: 99lbs (45kg)
Shipping weight (in box): 104lbs (47.5kg)
Weight tolerance: 400lbs (181kg) – per single cot
Arm-O-Bunk with footlocker: NSN #7105-01-552-2705
Arm-O-Bunk without footlocker: NSN #7105-01-554-7405

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