Spekon produces parachutes for a wide range of military and sports applications. One of the leading and oldest parachute manufacturers in the world, the company has been designing and producing parachutes in its factory in Germany since 1938.

Some of the most common parachutes Spekon produces includes troop parachutes, free fall parachutes, tactical parachutes, emergency parachutes, brakechutes, and mortar parachutes.

The product range also includes technical textile products for different applications, such as humidity-controlled dry-storage systems, helicopter underslings, and seat containers for airlines.

Safe, durable and high-quality troop parachutes for military training and operations

Spekon’s troop parachutes are renowned for their high reliability and premium quality, which make them highly durable. The average sinking rate by an RS troop parachute is around 4.2 m/s, which results in a very smooth and safe landing, allowing the troop to move on quickly with its mission or training.

The special design of the canopy allows for optimal aerodynamics, resulting in high performance. Packing can also be done on field and consists of very simple steps, which can be finished in 20-30 minutes. RS parachutes can carry high loads up to 160kg or 180kg, depending on the size of the preferred canopy.

With RS-2000 canopy, it is possible to jump from both side doors of the aircraft or from the back door during mass jumps. This is a special canopy which is non-steerable but has maneuvering capabilities.

RS main parachutes can be used with Spekon’s BE-8SL and BR-2000 reserve parachutes, as well as T-10R, which is also produced by Spekon. They can also be used with any internationally certified reserve parachute. All RS parachutes are designed and produced by Spekon in Germany and can be modified according to customer’s specific requirements and requests. T-10 parachute sets are also produced and offered in our troop parachutes portfolio.

Accuracy parachutes for operations, training and demonstrations

Spekon’s RL-16/3 canopies are designed for free fall jumps and have accuracy characteristics. They can be used with three different kinds of harnesses interchanegably depending on the requirements of the operation and the experience of the jumper. There are harnesses available for beginner to intermediate and intermediate to experienced levels. RL-16/3 canopy is the ideal canopy for precision landing, accuracy competitions and demos. They can also be used for light tactical operations with attachment of equipment.

Germany’s National Accuracy Landing Team has won many medals and championships in CISM Military Parachuting Games with RL-16/3 canopy. This canopy is also widely used by many armed forces around the world, for precision landing missions. It is especially valued and appreciated for its precise and immediate response to any steering manoeuvre, even in strongly braked mode shortly before landing. The canopy is available in 230sqft, 250sqft, 270sqft, 280sqft, and 300sqft sizes depending on the jumper’s weight and required all-up weight.

RL-18 is a typical student canopy which is safe and soft in opening. Handling is easy and any critical stall-position during the flight is impossible. It controls and lands like a normal accuracy canopy, has a low sinking rate, allows accurate landing.

Emergency parachutes for pilots and jumpmasters

Spekon’s emergency parachutes have been a market leader in Europe for a long time. They are compact, user-friendly, ergonomic, safe and durable. Offering users extra lumbar support if needed, these parachutes are available in manual and manual/automatic opening.

Their packing period is 360 days. Canopy opens softly and parachute functions smoothly. These parachutes are available in multiple colours, sizes and models. They can also be customised for jumpmasters.

About Spekon

Spekon’s main customers are the NSPA, armed forces, special forces, police forces, airlines, parachute and gliding clubs, as well as individual gliders and parachutists.

The company’s products are used in more than 40 countries across the world. We operate in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate and also posess the aviation certificate EASA 21. Spekon is well known for its high quality products, on time delivery, excellent after sales service, and customer-oriented approach.