Beretta Australia is a leading importer and wholesale distributor of firearms and related items for the defence industry.

The company currently supplies its products to the Australian Department of Defence and most law enforcement agencies in the country, as well as the recreational and sport shooting market.

Beretta Australia is ISO accredited and is undergoing defence industry security programme (DISP) re-accreditation.

Products for military and law enforcement applications

Beretta Australia is part of the global Beretta Holding SpA group and has direct access to the solutions of its manufacturing sister companies.

Beretta Australia is a leading supplier of firearms and accessories for the defence sector.
Beretta Australia is an ISO accredited company.
The company’s product range includes submachine gun components and systems.

These Beretta Holding group companies produce military and law enforcement products:

  • Beretta: pistols, assault rifles, and submachine guns (SMGs) (located in Italy)
  • Benelli: tactical shotguns (located in Italy)
  • Steiner Optics Group: military binoculars, sniper scopes, infrared (IR) and visible laser pointers, tactical weapons illuminators, IR and thermal beacons, and night-vision goggles (NVGs) (located in Germany and the US)
  • Sako: sniper rifles and ammunition (located in Finland)

Beretta Australia represents the following companies, which are not part of the Beretta Holding Group:

  • OSS Suppressors: assault rifle and machine gun suppressors
  • Aimpoint: red dot reflex sights for pistols, personal defence weapons (PDWs), SMGs, assault rifles, machine guns, and a fire control system for 84mm/40mm AGL/HMG
  • ALS-PACEM: less-lethal hand thrown and launched munitions
  • Radar 1947: tactical holsters
  • Winkler: Combat knives and axes

Close combat edged tools for defence requirements

Beretta Australia offers state-of-the-art close combat edged tools for a range of defence applications such as the Winkler Australian Army Combat Knife. This is a superior, high-performance combat / utility knife well suited to survival needs, utility use and combat applications.

Integrated pistol systems and components

The Beretta APX Compact Pistol System is the compact offering in the APX family. The APX Compact pistol is a modern, modular, striker fired, concealable pistol that can be fitted with a reflex sight, an aiming laser and illuminator, and a suppressor.

Alternatively, the Beretta APX Combat Pistol System is the military offering in the APX family of pistols. The APX Combat pistol is a modern, modular, striker fired, pistol specially designed for military use. The APX Combat can be fitted with a reflex sight, an IR / visible aiming laser and illuminator, and a suppressor.

Submachine gun systems and components for military operations

The Beretta PMX is a 9mm blowback SMG firing from a closed bolt. It is constructed using polymer materials and lightweight alloy metals.

The barrel and bolt are machined from a special high-strength steel to ensure long-term durability. The PMX utilises a three-position fire selector, is compact and can be easily concealed by folding the stock with the push of a button.

Combat shotgun systems and components

The Benelli M3 is a dual-action (pump or inertia operated semi-auto) 12GA combat shotgun while the Benelli M4 is an auto regulation gas operated semi-auto 12GA combat shotgun.

Beretta Australia supplies Micro T2, CompM5, and CompM4 red dot reflex sights used on almost all small arms platforms, including pistols, SMGs, PDWs, shotguns, SBRs, assault rifles.

Integrated sniper rifle systems and components

The Sako TRG M10 sniper rifle system is a purpose-built multi-calibre military sniper rifle system with a day optic, NIR and Thermal clip-ons, and suppressor.

It is a bolt action, manually operated, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired sniper weapon available in various configurations. The top-mounting Picatinny rail is inclined at 30MOA while the fore-end incorporates the M-LOK mounting interface.

Beretta Defence Technologies – Australia (BDT-AU) is able to provide the following sniper components:

  • Steiner sniper scopes with extensive elevation, T3 reticule, superior lens coating and light transmission, removable laser filters, removable ARD, and integrated fire control system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Steiner eOptics IR/Visible aiming and illumination lasers and LRF
  • New technology bipods

BDT-AU can also provide these sniper capability components:

  • Steiner LRF binoculars with a 1535nm laser and Bluetooth connectivity to a Kestrel 5700 Elite
  • OSS suppressors for semi-auto gas operated rifles
  • Wedgetail Industries suppressors for pistols and bolt action sniper rifles

Heavy weapon fire control systems

The Aimpoint FCS product line consists of a number of dynamic universal reflex sights (DURS) for use on multiple weapon platforms.

A built-in weapon selector makes it quick and easy to transition between different weapon systems. The FCS system features an eye safe 1550nm Laser Range Finder, a ballistic computer with the capability to store more than 50 different ballistic algorithms, as well as a parallax-free optical channel with unlimited eye relief.

The FCS makes up for the ballistic drop of projectiles at measured distances, considering variables including rotational (spin) drift, propellant temperature and terrain angle. The FCS13 can be used on the Carl Gustav 84mm anti-tank weapon, Mk47 AGL, Browning HMG, and other platforms upon request.

About Beretta Australia

Beretta Defence Technologies – Australia (BDT-AU) was created in 2012 to manage the growing military and law enforcement business within Australia and New Zealand.

The company currently employs 37 permanent staff, including sales, service / warranty, and support teams. All Beretta Australia staff are police checked and fingerprinted prior to being offered full-time employment while select Beretta Australia personnel have also been security cleared.