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Mobile Military Shelters Using a Professional Glued Hard Skin, Lightweight Sandwich System

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In 2011 TAM will be 30 years old. During its lifetime TAM has designed and produced almost every type of mobile military lightweight shelter, using a self-produced, professional, glued, self-supporting sandwich system. All delivered shelters are still in good condition and except for a few ruined in accidents.

Our sandwich system is very strong, has good insulation and low weight and is a self-supporting building material which does not need internal or external stiffeners or corrugation. Our sandwich system is not affected by humidity or fungus and does not age. A quality sandwich-shelter has no maintenance costs except for moving parts and paint when needed. The official life time of our shelters is estimated at over 25 years. Our sandwich panels are produced individualy. The thickness and material on inner and outer skin as well as the core material is variables to meet the demands for strength and insulation.

Mobile and semi-mobile lightweight shelters

TAM has developed a wide range of lightweight mobile shelters for rapid deployment to meet relevant MIL.STD, STANAG and ISO-standards. The company develops new and existing products in close collaboration with military and civilian clients.

Lightweight shelters with many options

TAM specializes in lightweight expandable and non-expandable shelters for all transport.
Our ISO 20ft and 10ft shelters are tested and supplied with CSC safety certificates.
Automatic expansion and integrated hook lift are optional.

Shelter type 72STS CM ISO 20’ 1 side expandable shelter. Fully equipped with diesel generator, double HVAC system and accessories the weight is only 3700kg.
Shelter type 72STS CM when closed.
Shelter type 69000 ISO 20’ shelter with integrated hook lift frame. Aft end expandable and main entrance in operation. A part in the Link 16 system.
Shelter type 68000 ISO 10’ when closed with integrated tunnel generator.
A part in the Link 16 System.

All shelters are produced using TAM’s high quality glued self-supporting sandwich system which offers excellent strength, low weight, good insulation and very low life cycle costs. The shelters are assembled with TAM’s own designed profile systems to avoid terminal bridges. Shielding and other options can be obtained if desired.

Among our latest designs is the lightweight shelter type 72 “family” which can be produced in both two and three-times expandable as well as non expandable patterns.

Another shelter is the unmanned and remote operated generator shelter with all accessories for arctic conditions.

Lightweight, Expandable Shelter Systems

Shelter type 72STS CM is among the most advanced ISO 20ft lightweight expandable shelter system there is, with advanced features covering almost all aspects for international operation in climatic zones A1 to C2. Several versions and options are available.

Expandable shelters with integrated tunnel generator

Shelter type 69000 is an expandable 20ft shelter with integrated tunnel generator and hook lift frame. The aft end is expandable and is a combined entrance room and wardrobe to obtain a clean and secure operator inside. The shelter is a part in the Link 16 system.

Self-supporting shelters

Shelter type 68000 is an expandable 10ft self supporting shelter type for Link 16 with integrated tunnel generator and fulfil required specification secure handling and operation.

Civilian lightweight shelters

Shelter type 58KV is an advanced civilian lightweight shelter specially designed for arctic conditions as an unmanned power supply unit with integrated generator and battery bank for supplying 230VAC, 24VDC and 12VDC.

The shelter houses a lot of equipment for remote control, monitoring and operation of all internal installations as well as outside equipment connected to the shelter. The system is designed for air lift by small helicopters.

This military shelter type was developed in 1984, came into serial production in 1986 and is still in production. All shelters are in perfect condition and in operation both domestic and abroad. An extremely low life cycle cost is verified by the MoD due to our high quality lightweight sandwich system.

Secure communications shelters

Shelter type 73VTC is a ISO 20ft shelter designed for video teleconference (VTC) with a focus on secure video conferences worldwide. The shelters are security-approved by all Norwegian military and national authorities, and have CSC certificate for safe handling.

Shelters for HMMWVs

HMMWV shelter type 63000 (TAM’s S-250) are designed for the HMMWV to operate in extremely hot climates. The shelter is delivered with a super-silent diesel generator to meet extra-high ambient temperatures. As usual, all TAM lightweight military shelters are produced using the company’s advanced lightweight, hard skin sandwich system. This provides the shelters with excellent performance and very low lifecycle costs.

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