MILCOTS, a small US business, designs and manufactures rugged flat-panel display and panel PC solutions for military and industrial applications where continued operation in harsh environments is a requirement. Based on COTS components selected from the most reliable and industry-oriented manufacturers, MILCOTS’ rugged displays and panel PCs are designed to meet the long lifecycle requirements of defense and industrial applications.

To meet the current need for rugged mobile computing solutions, MILCOTS provides a wide range of rugged PDAs, tablet PCs and notebooks. These lightweight solutions are specifically tailored for use in rugged, exposed environments by military personnel, first responders, police forces and civil agencies.

Relying on our proven expertise in the integration of COTS electronics into solutions for MIL-spec applications, MILCOTS additionally provides a complete line of rugged printers and compact computers as well as isolation frames for the deployment of commercial-grade displays and computers exposed to severe shock and vibration.

Rugged displays and panel PCs

MILCOTS’ rugged display and panel PC solutions are available in 8in to 57in sizes with the required interfaces to accommodate standard applications. These solutions can be tailored to meet specific applications or requirements including power, video, I/O ports, touch sensors, night vision, environmental performance and/or mechanical interfaces.

MILCOTS displays and panel PCs are designed and manufactured using high-end industrial COTS components.
We offer a range of fully sealed 10in and 12in tablets and mobile computers suited for army vehicles.
MILCOTS provides rugged tablets, PDAs and notebooks.
We offer a range of rugged printers.
MILCOTS' facility is located in the NY city area.

The solutions can be deployed as standalone units (wall or desktop mounted), or integrated into consoles, workstation, command and control stations or electronic racks. Additionally, MILCOTS can provide large-screen displays to meet the specific requirements of horizontal tactical (command and control) tables.

Qualified to MIL specifications, these rugged display and panel PC solutions are widely deployed on multiple US military platforms including navy ships and submarines, aircraft, shelters, and vehicles.

Rugged military tablets

Fully sealed, with NVIS and sunlight-readable options, the 10in and 12in MILCOTS rugged military tablets are specifically designed to meet rugged mobile computing needs, from army vehicle applications to helicopters. Running LINUX, VX Works or Windows OS, these solutions can be provided with dedicated interface boards to handle legacy or specific interface requirements.

Accessories for rugged notebooks, PDAs and tablets

MILCOTS’ rugged notebooks, PDAs and tablets have been successfully tested and selected by a majority of the leading US defense contractors and system integrators. The solutions are available with a wide range of accessories, including GPS, wireless communication devices, MIL-spec cables and connectors, shock-isolated chassis, cradles and vehicle mounts.

The solutions are easily configured to reach higher performance standards while keeping costs down. Factory options also provide additional versatility (sunlight-readable screens, computer configurations and OS).

Rugged printers

MILCOTS’ rugged printers are designed to withstand hostile environments in mobile or fixed applications. These rugged printers are available from A4/letter to A0/E size, and are built around printer cores designed by the major printer manufacturers. They offer the durability and resilience to survive extreme military conditions in a packaging designed for transportation in harsh conditions.

Support and services for rugged computers

As an engineering company with integration expertise, MILCOTS can adapt its wide range of products and capabilities to meet customer-driven functional and environmental requirements. Utilizing a strong industrial background, the management and engineering processes have been defined to satisfy demanding military programs. Support and after-sales service are handled from our New York facility.

MILCOTS is ISO 9001:2008 registered.