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High-Performance Flexible Shielding Substrates

Since its founding in 1991 ROWO has been committed to the coating of flexible substrates from roll to roll by means of the vacuum coating techniques thermal evaporation and sputtering.

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ROWO specialises in the coating of flexible substrates from roll to roll by means of the vacuum coating techniques, thermal evaporation and sputtering.

Due to extensive experience with various coating materials, as well as substrates and an intensive research and development, ROWO has been able to establish an excellent reputation as a partner for the development of sophisticated coatings for various industries.

For the military industry, ROWO offers a wide range of electrically conductive substrates for solving issues in regard to electromagnetic phenomena. These electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) products find their application in the shielding of buildings, rooms, vehicles, devices, casings, and cables, for purposes of protecting electronic components, their sensitive data and protection against espionage.

One of ROWO´s vacuum coating machines where flexible substrates (films, wovens and nonwovens) are coated with thin layers of metals, alloys and metal oxides.
Shielding gaskets for lids and doors of PC-housings, measuring devices and control cabinets.
ROWOSHIELD® is applied in the shielding of cables. ROWOSHIELD® acts as a Faraday cage to reduce electrical noise from affecting the signals, and to reduce electromagnetic radiation that may interfere with other devices.
Shielding of rooms and buildings is enabled with ROWOSHIELD® as a protection against EMP, IEMI and espionage.

Custom coated flexible substrates for shielding

ROWO´s family of shielding products, ROWOSHIELD®, are exclusively flexible substrates such as films, wovens and nonwovens that are coated with thin layers of metals or alloys, making them electrically conductive. Through careful selection of the right combination of substrate and coating, shielding properties can be achieved as the customer desires. The shielding effectiveness of the company’s standard ROWOSHIELD® products range from 20dB, to more than 80dB.

Protection against EMP and IEMI

Electromagnetic pulses (EMP), or intentional electromagnetic interferences (IEMI) can disrupt, damage or even destroy electronic devices completely, leading to malfunctions, replacement costs and eventually even loss of sensitive data. ROWOSHIELD® products are suited for large scales of shielding, such as the shielding of buildings, down to small scales, such as the shielding of devices, casings and cables.

Protection against espionage and eavesdropping

Van Eck Phreaking is the process of intercepting electromagnetic emissions of displays through walls and windows and replicating their content for purposes of espionage and eavesdropping. With the help of ROWOSHIELD®, buildings and rooms can be shielded in such a way that electromagnetic emissions cannot penetrate walls and windows, denying the opportunity of intercepting the emissions on the outside.

Development of sophisticated coatings for shielding

Over the past ROWO has developed several sophisticated coatings on films, wovens and nonwovens in collaboration with well-renowned companies. Due to the possibility of developing coatings that offer various values of electrical conductivity and different levels of shielding, ROWO is creating the products of the future.

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