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Advanced C4ISR Surveillance Communications and Intel Products for Defence and Security

We are an independent supplier of advanced C4ISR surveillance communications and intel products and systems for defence and security applications.

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SurCom surveillance communications

We are an independent supplier of advanced C4ISR surveillance communications and intel products and systems for defence and security applications. Our clients include Nato agencies, armed forces, civil government agencies and turnkey contractors.

Our mission is to provide customers with effective and affordable smart solutions for their special communication and surveillance needs. We achieve this by providing best-value, meeting requirements, realising quality objectives and pursuing continued improvements.

Our dynamic portfolio comprises carefully selected products and systems of some of the world’s leading and most innovative defence related industries. Additionally, SurCom designs, builds, installs and maintains (integrated) communication and surveillance systems and end-products. Furthermore, we specialise in adapting, ruggedising and militarising commercial-off-the-shelf products and systems for our defence and security customers in Nato and partner countries.

AM-FORCE: advanced mobile field operational remote radio datalink communication and test equipment.
Radio and satellite communication and tactical datalinks.
MEWT: mobile electronic warfare team vehicle. Designed, developed and integrated by SurCom International.
Radio and satellite communication and tactical datalinks.
Imaging, detection and targeting products.
Imaging, detection and targeting products.
Services for defence and security forces.
TLK: theatre liason kit. Rapid deployment mobile liaison office with worldwide secure broadband satcom connectivity. For use by Nato as theater and reach-back communications networking system.

Our added value for the customers is the quick and creative responsiveness to emerging and urgent requirements. SurCom takes pride in providing its customers with the best possible logistical support, from the provisioning of repair and replacement parts to providing high-level on-site, or in-house maintenance by skilled technical personnel and specialised test equipment.

Our facility in the city of Rhenen is equipped with a climatic test chamber, electronic engineering work space and ample workspace for vehicle and shelter integration.

Radio and satellite communication and tactical datalinks

SurCom provides radio communication solutions for demanding tactical and rescue situations. Among those are cross band / cross modulation and broadband networking products, ensuring maximum communication availability, reliability, interoperability and rapid response.

  • MF-HF-VHF-UHF frequency bands
  • Fixed site, mobile, man-pack and handheld
  • Multiple functionalities
  1. Point-to-point
  2. Broadband
  3. Mesh
  • Emergency Equipment

Our range of satellite communication systems covers the UHF, C, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands, and is well suited for a host of military and non-military satcom applications, whether they are fixed-site, mobile (SOTM, SOTP), or man-portable.

In the field of tactical datalinks, SurCom has a vast experience in data terminals such as the low-volume termincal (LVT) family. Relatively new is the Small Tactical Terminal (STT); this terminal is specially designed for air-to-ground and ground-to-air communication.

Electronic warfare (EW) solutions

SurCom offers standalone and turnkey solutions for mobile and man-portable EW. We have many years of experience in integrating complex SIGINT/DF systems in space confined land mobile vehicles. We also provide a range of active systems for radio frequency (RF) spectrum denial.

Imaging, detection and targeting products

By working closely with world-class sensor manufacturers, we can offer a solution for almost any reconnaissance, surveillance, detection, or targeting scenario. Sensor products include high-resolution thermal cameras for fixed-site, high-mobility platforms and handheld applications, ground-based surveillance radar, laser ranging and north finding.

We also provide a variety of CBRN-E detection and analysis products and systems that can seamlessly be integrated with command and control systems.

SurCom international has more than 15-years’ experience in supplying infantry night vision goggles, laser aiming and ranging devices, thermal weapon scopes and handheld thermal imaging cameras.

Military and rugged data terminals

While the durability of commercial notebook and tablet computers has greatly improved over the past five years, many military and law enforcement missions are best served by rugged data terminals that can withstand the harshest operating and environmental conditions.

In addition to ruggedness, features such as sunlight readability, power management, covert night viewing can be key to mission success.

Military power systems, batteries and chargers

In addition to legacy manpack batteries and universal (rechargeable) batteries, we provide the newest power management and power generating technologies being developed for the dismounted soldier.

Foldable solar blankets, fuel cells and even wind driven solutions are available at SurCom. In the area of high-power products, we offer uninterruptable power supplies, AC-DC and DC-AC converters and frequency converters.

System integration

SurCom has a track record in system integration and customisation for urgent customer requirements. Short communication lines with our business partners enable us to respond quickly and cost-effectively with innovative solutions.

Services for defence and security forces

SurCom provides products and systems for the defence and security forces market.

Our facility in Rhenen is equipped with an environmental stress screening chamber for temperature cycling, engineering space and test and integration space for larger equipment and vehicles. SurCom can also provide documentation and training for supplied systems.


  • ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110:2009
  • ABDO (NLMOD facility clearance)
  • TRACE – transparent agents and contracting entities
  • ITAR brokerage (DOS)

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  • Air C2 Radio Rack System

    The Air C2 Radio Rack System enables radio communication between the Tactical Air Operations Control (TAOC) centre and military aircraft in remote areas.

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