SurCom Remote Power Supply


FspA is a cost-effective solution for delivering temporary power supplies to remote transmission sites, and simultaneously offers voice and data transmission over the same cable.

The supply voltage (220/380 V in the kVA range) as well as voice / data communications (via various interfaces and at different data speeds) can be transported loss-free over distances of several kilometres.

FspA is currently procured by the Swiss Army to connect mobile transmission sites operated for electronic warfare. Additional projects to supply mobile air force sites are under preparation.

Key advantages for operation

  • Rapid power availability (quick to install, easy to maintain)
  • No dependency on logistical supplies (no refuelling as with aggregate operation)
  • Emission-free operation (no noise generation as with aggregate operation)
  • Suitable for use in the field / MIL (high-level mechanical strength, weather-proof, simple to set up on foot, thanks to low weight and compact dimensions)
  • High-level protection against electrical accidents (protective insulation, SEV tested, CE conformant)
  • High-level operational reliability (supply voltage continually regulated over distance, permanent system monitoring)