LRAD 450XL long-range communications system

Low Profile for Small Vessels and Vehicles

The LRAD 450XL uses an enhanced, patent pending technology to provide the output of a unit almost twice its size and weight with the same high level of clarity and intelligibility consistent with traditional LRADs.

The low profile, lightweight and designed for use on a tripod mount configuration or mounted on small vessels, security and defense vehicles and Remote Weapon Stations (RWS).

It can be easily transported to provide security personnel long-range communications and a highly effective communication and warning system where required. The LRAD 450XL has been used for commercial, security and defense applications throughout the world.

LRAD 450XL operators have the capability to broadcast clear, authoritative verbal commands, followed with powerful deterrent tones to modify behaviour, enhance response capabilities and provide more time to scale the use of force if required.