Today’s warfighter is faced with a myriad of complex distributed threats. Enemy communications that affect outcomes on the battlefield happen in real time and have real consequences.

The PRD-13(V)3 allows mission commanders to scan large segments of bandwidth to quickly characterise the RF environment.

It provides increased Situational Awareness (SA) and the ability to search the RF spectrum on a continuous basis without placing added burden on SIGINT operators.

Signal Threats are Charactised with a Versatile and User-Friendly Solution

Linkabit’s PRD-13(V)3 Man-Packable Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) capability incorporates sophisticated RF intercept and Direction-Finding (DF) processing capabilities in an easy to use and functional package.

The PRD-13(V)3 provides a low-power, lightweight, ruggedised, versatile and scalable capability to support expeditionary decisive actions.

Key Qualities

  • Software-defined tactical collection and DF, used for ground, airborne and maritime SIGINT operations
  • IP-based to enable networking via remote or local architecture
  • Three RF channel design to provide simultaneous collection, scan and DF
  • Low size, weight and power as a result of only one military battery required for nine hours of constant operation

Directed and general search modes operate together to acquire well understood signals, while concurrently providing SA and
detection of signals with less understood parameters and behaviour.

This ultimately mitigates threats and creates both tactical and long-term strategic advantages on the battlefield.