SurCom AN/PRC-112G CSAR Transceiver

Flexibility and Inter-operability

Inter-operable with all AN/PRC-112 and HOOK2 family radios in use by US and international customers, the AN/PRC-112G Radio is ideal for uni-lateral or coalition operations.

The user-friendly AN/PRC-112G transceiver is software defined, meaning new features, waveforms and software upgrades can be added as they become available.

Secure Information in Just One Button Press

The upgraded AN/PRC-112G radio sends encrypted global positioning data (lat/long), user identification code, text messages and situation reports.

This provides quick and accurate location and rescue information for air crews, forward air controllers and personnel operating
in hazardous conditions. A single, short encrypted burst to CSAR aircraft offers low risk of detection and interception.

Two-way SATCOM1 and 406 SARSAT beacon modes are now available as software options², enabling a real-time, direct, over-the-horizon communications path between survivor and rescue personnel.