Total EMC

Total EMC Products have more than 30 years of experience in providing electromagnetic capability (EMC) and radio frequency interference (RFI) solutions, as well as component filtration products.

Total EMC supplies some of the world’s major other equipment manufacturer (OEM) defence and aerospace Contractors with EMC / RFI AC Main, DC and custom filters, suppression Feed Through Capacitors and components.

Custom filter solutions for military markets

Total EMC covers all aspects of EMC and provides custom solutions for military and commercial markets.

The TEMPEST filter range is designed and tested for shielded room requirements, for attenuation from 14kHz to 40GHz at 120dB.
Unlike conventional filter technology, the military variable speed drive filter range has the advantages of having low earth leakage due to the optimum components used within filter units.
Total EMC have various capacitors that provide filtering from 1A up to 500A per filter.
Total EMC have various products and suppression units designed for system component parts, including condenser and evaporator fans and temperature controllers.
Military IEC filters supply effective attenuation filtering from 10kHz.

Total EMC can help clients comply with defence standards such as MIL STD 461 D, E, F or Defence Standard 59-411, and is able to provide a clear and precise path for full compliance to these specifications.

Total EMC is able to supply standard filter units that cover the range from data / control lines to more than 3,000A per phase shielded room filters. We also offer standard filters that can be used for transient electromagnetic pulse surveillance technology (TEMPEST) requirements, as well as cost-effective general performance (GP) filters.

High-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP), nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) filtering are also available in formats (AC 2 line 3 line and 4 line) along with direct current (DC) and data.

Our website now offers filtering units and components to address EMC failures, including metallised tapes, gaskets, toroidal cores feedthrough capacitors, wound inductors and RJ45 filtered feedthrough units.

Shielded room filters with varied performance ratings

Total EMC’s shielded room filters come in four performance ratings, namely general performance (GP), high performance (HP), very high performance (VP) and Tempest performance (TP).

The units have been independently verified to ensure they are available in 2-line, 3-line, 4-line and DC ratings from 6A to 1,000A as standard. All can be specified with transient suppression.

Low Earth leakage military variable speed drive filters

Total EMC has a range of filters with adaptable inputs / outputs and still be low Earth leakage as required in Stanag 1008.

Def Stan 59-411 also applies a limit of 0.1uF of capacitance to ground, which restricts the amount of common mode performance that can be achieved from a filtering system using capacitors alone. With a radical design, new techniques and material choice, these filters are able to provide substantial performance without increasing the size of the filter.

Feedthrough capacitors for high-power defence applications

Total EMC has a number of capacitors that provide filtering from 1A up to 500A per filter. Thick film units for high-power applications along with a wide voltage range in both DC and alternating current (AC) formats.

Military, EMC-compliant AC suppression units

Total EMC have a wide range of AC products and suppression units designed for system component parts, including condenser and evaporator fans and temperature controllers. These units are resilient and have been fitted in many military vehicles during field operations.

The filters and suppressors are designed for the most rugged of military requirements.

Military International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Filters for attenuation filtering

Most International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) filters are commercial and only start to provide effect attenuation filtering performance from 400kHz and above.

Total EMC’s IEC filters are designed to provide effective attenuation filtering from 10kHz. The filters cover the current range of the IEC (10A), yet have a very small filter size for its attenuation performance.