NSS International supplies hangars, workshop tents, stores and shelters for military use. In consultation with the Swedish Defence Forces, we develop light, flexible shelters for many military applications.


NSS is the market leader in Scandinavia for weather-shielding shelters. In our civilian activities, we have specialised in producing innovative, functional and durable shelters for the building industry which make it possible to erect buildings and carry out large building projects, completely irrespective of weather conditions.


Our hangars and workshop tents are used by the Swedish peacekeeping forces in locations including Afghanistan and Bosnia. Long-term field use has shown that our shelters comfortably meet all the demands of military use. Our hangars make it possible to protect aircraft and helicopters in severe weather conditions and in aggressive environments, and offer a dry, protected environment for activities that have to be done indoors.

NSS hangars and shelters have a wide range of possible applications, including:

A 14m × 20m × 4m System Gibson shelter, specially configured here for the JAS 39 Gripen, fits inside a 20ft container together with assembly aids.
Our shelters and workshop tents can be equipped with a wide range of options, depending on how they are going to be used.
System Gibson shelters offers generous space and rapid assembly; all the sections fit inside one container.
System Gibson shelters have a stable design and durable fabric, making them ideal for military use.
System Gibson can be built and fitted out any way you like; here is a helicopter hangar with the floor covered in special grey cloth.
  • Hangars for helicopters
  • Hangars for aircraft
  • Workshop tents
  • Store tents
  • Main stores
  • Weather protection over containers
  • Protection and storage shelters for military equipment.


Both our System Gibson and Gibson Light shelters are modular / section-built. This means that you can adapt a hangar, workshop tent or store hall so that it exactly suits your requirements. Shelters can easily be extended or supplemented by using a limited number of different standard components.


All load-bearing structures in our hangars and shelters are made from aluminium. This makes our products easy to transport to the place where they will be used. An important requirement when we developed these shelters was that they should fit inside a standard shipping container. For this reason, no component is longer than 5m.

The Gibson Light hangar / shelter is also very easy to erect. The smart design and the light components mean that the hangar can be erected by only four men – without the use of machinery or lifting equipment.


Thanks to its low weight and uncomplicated design, it is very easy to get our hangars and shelters in place. Their simple assembly and disassembly means that shelters can easily be packed together and moved for regrouping. This makes the shelters very suitable for military use. An instruction manual has also been prepared for packing a System Gibson into a 20ft container.


All hangars and shelters are based on light aluminium structures and we use very high quality, flameproof fabrics. These are tried and tested materials, which can withstand rough use – both in extreme weather conditions and in demanding use.


Our hangars and shelters can be equipped with various types of equipment, depending on the application. Options include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation systems
  • Electricity and lighting
  • Smoke and fire alarms


System Gibson is a versatile shelter for a wide variety of applications. Gibson has somewhat sturdier dimensions than Gibson Light, and can easily be configured for all conceivable uses. It is excellent as an aircraft / helicopter hangar, workshop tent, main store, etc.

System Gibson can be erected quickly with a mobile crane or wheel loader, and equipped with insulating fabric on the inside of the shelter. In addition, it can be provided with folding, sliding doors. Features include:

  • Widths of 10m to 23.5m
  • Length: 5m sections
  • Ridge height: up to 8.1m
  • Colours: fabric in ten different colours, including camouflage


Gibson Light is a light, flexible shelter which suits a wide variety of military applications. For example, it can be used an aircraft / helicopter hangar, workshop tent or temporary store. The shelter can be extended lengthways in 3m modules, which makes it very flexible.

Features include:

  • Widths of 8.5m, 10.5m and 12.5m
  • Length: 3m sections
  • Ridge height: up to 5.7m
  • Colours: fabric in ten different colours, including camouflage