RPSG is an international company specializing in full turnkey camp construction and follow-up camp services to the oil/gas, construction and military/civil sectors, specializing in hostile environments to include Iraq and Afghanistan. RPSG are registered in Switzerland, Iraq, Kurdistan, Jordan, UAE and Kazakhstan. The executive management operates through our Middle East office based in Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai.

Main camp construction

RPSG specializes in full turnkey camp construction to the oil/gas, construction and military/civil sectors. We provide and deliver, timely, quality and cost effective construction management in remote and challenging environments.

RPSG manages all aspects of camp construction, including construction management; direct hire labour, and structured systems and processes. Each project is expertly planned and executed by our construction manager, and experienced construction team.

RPSGprovides and delivers, timely, quality and cost-effective construction management in remote and challenging environments.
RPSGoffers total logistics management services including a secure door-to-door shipping service.
RPSG’s buildings are for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent purposes.
RPSGoffers catering services courtesy of highly experienced international staff.

RPSG offers custom manufactured modular buildings, including site erection and construction, along with logistical and security arrangements to remote sites within the Middle East. We specialize in custom designed wooden and/or steel-framed, ready made or pre-fabricated modular buildings for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent purposes.

The temporary and semi-permanent modular product includes steel framed living, accommodation, office and ablution modules, multi storey buildings such as camp complexes, hostels, schools, office buildings etc. and includes multi functional metal or laminated timber beam framed buildings as well. The market usages of those products are temporary and semi-permanent, especially used for the oil & gas industry, construction businesses, defence and the social aimed purposes.

Transportation & logistics

RPSG offers total logistics management services. We offer a secure door to door shipping service, ensuring safe delivery of your shipment on time. We have extensive experience shipping within Iraq and other challenging environments, and we have dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure that we deliver superior service and innovative solutions.

Consultancy services

The RPSG team is made up of international executives with strong operational and financial backgrounds, creative strategists and pragmatic implementers; we have extensive start-up experience in competitive environments requiring aggressive revenue growth, stringent cost controls, and proactive customer service.

Although RPSG has worked with clients from many professions, a high proportion of our clients come from the oil, gas and petrochemical industry as well as the military sector. We believe that we are unique among consultancy companies in the depth of our knowledge and experience in this field.

Support Services

Tailor-made Maintenance Contracts – RPSG offers tailor-made maintenance contracts that give you peace of mind. The contract agreements are designed to provide the flexibility and responsiveness that suits you. With a dedicated mobile maintenance and construction team and a large stock of parts available through our dedicated suppliers we are also well placed to respond to your emergency repair requirements.

Construction team

RPSG provides the full construction team and services associated with the assembling of the modular buildings, including logistical arrangements and security to site.

Laundry and tailoring services

RPSG provides bespoke laundry facilities or provide laundry equipment from domestic to industrial. RPSG can also supply experienced laundry and tailoring personnel.

Waste management

RPSG provides a complete waste management service, including providing water and sewage systems, sewage removal, trash collection and disposal, hazardous material handling, water and fuel delivery.

Vector control

RPSG provides complete vector control including supplying equipment, supplies and trained personnel.

Labour support and supply

RPSG supplies an extensive range of labour, including catering staff, construction and maintenance staff, cleaning staff, fuel technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, barbers, general labourers and drivers. We have dedicated recruitment Consultants based in Sri Lanka and the UAE who are able to respond quickly and efficiently to specific staffing requests.


RPSG offers industry leading catering services through highly experienced international staff and quality business practice. We combine the very best of regional and worldwide resources to provide the most innovative and cost effective service solutions. We have strong alliances with local and international suppliers who have vast resources and experience, ensuring the smooth operation of all catering contracts. Specialized menu planning taking into consideration: environment, nationality, availability of fresh products and health, safety & hygiene.