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Modular, Durable Flooring for Military Tents and Shelters

Bike Track designs, manufactures and delivers modular, resilient, customised flooring solutions for military, government, humanitarian, and private organisations worldwide.

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Bike Track designs, manufactures and delivers modular, resilient, customised flooring solutions for military, government, humanitarian, and private organisations worldwide.

Our military customers include armed forces in the US, the UK, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Austria, Israel, Uzbekistan, and Brazil.

High-quality temporary flooring for military shelters

Bike Track’s easily assembled flooring is the ideal solution for short-term or long-term sheltering needs requiring transportability, quick deployment, electric / communications cable management, and minimal maintenance.

Bike Track’s easily assembled, lightweight, 1in flooring option (26.2lb / 11.9kg) provides a rigid, modular, slip-resistant surface. Ideal when space is at a premium and size and weight matter.
Available in three sizes, BikeTrack staging systems provide improved sight lines and enhanced communication capacities in tactical operations centres, briefing areas and a range of other settings.
Bike Track flooring is easily assembled without tools. Our lightweight, 2in sheets fit firmly and securely into place on both level and contoured surfaces.
Bike Track knows time is always of the essence, that’s why we made the fastest installing flooring sheets on the market: no tools, no fuss, done.
Bike Track’s lightweight, 2in ICM flooring (40lb / 18.1kg) provides in-floor installation of computer, communication, and power cables in all types of tents and shelters.
Bike Track’s 2in Integrated Cable Management (ICM) flooring has two anti-static treated channels running lengthwise; one channel running across; and 12 access points, allowing cables to be distributed throughout the entire shelter area.
Bike Track flooring provides resilient, modular, hard-plastic flooring to military, government, humanitarian and business organisations worldwide. Our lightweight, 2in non-ICM sheets weigh just 34lb / 15.4kg.
Bike Track flooring is shipped worldwide on customised pallets with ratchet straps, allowing for easy storage, transport, and recovery.
Bike Track’s anti-static, slip-resistant plastic flooring is easily accessed via tapered edges that fit easily into place.
Bike Track flooring is impervious to conditions that limit the use and longevity of plywood, and can support punishing loads, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor vehicle maintenance.

Together with our partners, we’ve covered more than four million square feet of earth, ranging from small, single tent applications to complex, multi-shelter command posts.

Durable modular flooring for adverse environments

Our patented, anti-static, slip-resistant plastic flooring maintains its shape and durability, withstanding repeated use in severe indoor and outdoor environments.

Independent lab testing confirms that Bike Track products can support challenging loads based on product selection, appropriate surface placement, and typical load configuration, making it the ideal solution for indoor vehicle maintenance shelters. Due to the flooring sheet’s ribbed construction for strength, a metal plate should be used under vehicle jacks or jack stands to distribute the point load across a larger area of the flooring sheets.

Because of its resilient, hard plastic technology, Bike Track flooring can be reused in a wide range of configurations. Sheets are guaranteed for five years, but many customers report more than 15 years of sustained field use. At the end of its service life, Bike Track flooring sheets can be easily recycled.

We offer three different types of flooring:

• 1in Flooring: 4ft x 3.5ft (1.2m x 1.07m); 26.2lb (11.9kg) per sheet; 64 sheets per pallet
• NSN (US): 5680-01-543-5495

• 2in Flooring: 4ft x 3.5ft (1.2m x 1.07m); 34lb (15.4kg) per sheet; 32 sheets per pallet
• NSN (US): 5680-01-553-8740

• 2in Integrated Cable Management (ICM) Flooring: 4ft x 3.5ft (1.2m x 1.07m); 40lb (18.1kg) per sheet; 32 sheets per pallet
• NSN (NATO/US): 5680-01-553-8745

Portable flooring for easy transportation, installation and strike

Bike Track flooring eliminates the time, overhead, and waste associated with outdated flooring solutions such as plywood.

Each order is shipped on customised pallets with ratchet straps, allowing for easy storage, transport, and recovery.

Sheets can be stored long-term without the risk of damage due to rot, water, animals, or other environmental conditions.

Bike Track flooring assembles quickly and easily without tools. Our lightweight 4ft x 3.5ft (1.2m x 1.07m) sheets fit firmly and securely into place on both level and contoured surfaces, providing flexibility in situations requiring quick set-up and response.

A typical 32-sheet installation (448ft², 41.6m²) takes two people approximately five minutes to install, while striking involves pulling the sheets apart, placing on the pallet, and storing until needed.

Customised floor plan and shelter layout solutions

Bike Track provides customised solutions for client-specific flooring or sheltering needs and objectives.

We offer personalised layout diagrams with detailed assembly instructions, and will continue to provide this support for any shelter configuration changes, alterations or augments.

About Bike Track

Bike Track was established in 1993 and has more than two decades’ worth of experience, providing high-quality solutions to customers to both private and government customers.

We originally manufactured a groundbreaking, hard plastic sheet for bike trails, and now specialise in flooring needs for field tents, mobile hospitals, and disaster scenarios.

Have a question? Visit our website, complete the form below, or send us an email; we’d love to help you!

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Products & services

  • Customised Shelter Layout Service

    Are you interested in learning how to integrate Bike Track products with your current equipment set? As a free service to customers, we offer customised layouts and step-by-step installation instructions for your multi-shelter setup.

  • Single Shelter Layouts

    One of the most frequent questions we get is, 'How many sheets do I need for (XYZ) shelter?' Our answer is always, 'Well, it depends.'

  • 2-inch ICM Specifications

    Bike Track 2-inch ICM Flooring allows for in-floor installation of cables and wires through top-access cable channels. Each flooring sheet has two double-channels running length-wise and one width-wise, as well as 12 access points. Channel covers snap into place and are interchangeable.

  • 1-inch Flooring Specifications

    Bike Track 1-inch Flooring is commonly used where lift and load capabilities are limited. Each sheet covers the same area as our 2-inch flooring but stores and ships in half the cubic displacement.

  • 2-inch Flooring Specifications

    Bike Track 2-inch flooring is commonly used when conditions require additional height to raise the shelters off the ground and in-floor cable management is not necessary.

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