Camp Humphreys, or US Army Garrison Humphreys, is the US Army installation located near Anjeong-ri and the Pyeongtaek metropolitan area, about 56km south of Seoul, in the Republic of Korea.

Camp Humphreys is home to Desiderio Army Airfield, Eighth United States Army military confinement facility and second infantry division’s combat aviation brigade, comprising of several subordinate units.

Camp Humphreys’ history and development

“In June 2010, the US Army closed Camps Eagle and Long, and installation support activities were relocated to Camp Humphreys.”

The history of Camp Humphreys began in 1919 when the Japanese military built the Pyeongtaek Airfield during their occupation of Korea. The airfield was repaired and renamed as K-6 by the US Air Force during the Korean War. It was used to accommodate a Marine Air Group and the 614th Tactical Control Group.

In 1962, the airfield was again renamed Camp Humphreys in honour of a pilot, Benjamin K. Humphreys. The Humphreys District command (later renamed 23rd Direct Support Group) was established as a separate installation command of the Eighth US Army. Camp Humphreys was redesignated as US Army Garrison, Camp Humphreys after the set up of the 19th Support Brigade in 1974.

The 23rd Direct Support Group and 19th Support were redesignated as 23rd Support Group and 19th Theater Army Area Command respectively. The United States Army Support Activity Area III (USASA Area III) was set up in June 1996 to manage peacetime support missions for Camp Humphreys, Camp Long, Camp Eagle and Suwon Airbase.

In 2004, the US and South Korea entered into an agreement to move all US forces to garrisons south of the Han River and relocate the United States Forces Korea and United Nations Command Headquarters to Camp Humphreys. These relocations will transform Camp Humphreys into the largest US Army garrison in Asia by 2012. The US Army announced the closure of Camp Eagle and Camp Long in June 2005.

The expansion of Camp Humphreys broke ground in November 2007. In June 2010, the US Army closed Camps Eagle and Long, and installation support activities were relocated to Camp Humphreys.

Garrison facilities at the United States Forces Korea base

The base currently houses 6,670 soldiers and is expected to accommodate 22,497 troops in the coming years.

“Relocations will transform Camp Humphreys into the largest US Army garrison in Asia by 2012.”

The units stationed at Camp Humphreys are the 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, 532nd Military Intelligence Battalion, 501st Signal Company, 557th Military Police Company, 52nd Ordnance Company, 249th MP Detachment and 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade (2nd Infantry Division).

Family housing is provided in three buildings within two, three and four bedroom units. Off-post housing is offered in three storey villa apartments and high-rise apartments.

Other facilities include a commissary, DoD community bank, exchange, army health clinic and freedom chapel. The Alaska Mining Company (AMC) serves lunch and dinner buffet.

Air facilities of US Army Garrison Humphreys

Desiderio Army Airfield (A-511 AAF) is located at Camp Humphreys. It is the busiest US Army air field in Asia. The airfield is equipped with a 2,505m long and 45.5m wide runway.

The runway and airfield infrastructure were upgraded in 2009. The airfield supports more than 80 fixed wing and rotary aircraft, including C-130 Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, UH-60 and RC-12 aircraft. Desiderio witnesses more than 75,000 aircraft movements annually.

Other base services at the strategically placed Camp Humphreys

The digital training facility (DTF) located in Building 302 consists of two classrooms equipped with 16 high speed fully internet connected workstations, a multidisplay projector, screen and Tandberg Video TeleTraining (VTT) system. It hosts a range of soldier training events.

Family morale, welfare and recreation (FMWR) offers an arts and craft shop, community activity centre (CAC) and auto skills centre.

The base features an outdoor aquatics park, mini-golf course, library, guest lodge, child development centre and an education centre.

Camp Humphreys recently opened three new gyms, a barracks, a new dining facility and a middle school as a part of its ongoing expansion.

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