Fort McCoy is an active army training post of the US Army. It is located between Sparta and Tomah, in Monroe County of Wisconsin, USA. It is spread over 60,000 acres and is a total training centre for reserve and active military forces. It offers quality training facilities in more than 46,000 acres of land.

Fort McCoy is located near the Tomah, Sparta, La Crosse and Black River Falls communities, which provide a quality terrain and four-season climate for the units to offer an excellent year-round training opportunities.

History of Fort McCoy

“Fort McCoy is an active army training post of the US Army. It is located between Sparta and Tomah, in Monroe County.”

The army post was built in 1909 on 14,000 acres of land. It was then known as Sparta Maneuver Tract. It was renamed as Camp Bruce E. McCoy in 1910, after Robert Bruce McCoy, a prominent local resident.

The name was shortened to Camp McCoy in 1926. The camp underwent many changes between 1910 and 1919. It was developed with the most reputed artillery site, storehouse, rifle ranges and many other office buildings.

Barracks, stables, warehouses and mess halls were constructed during World War One. The post was used as a training centre by field artillery units until 1918.

The camp was expanded by investing $30m between 1938 and 1942. The expansion increased the area of the post to more than 45,000 acres. Quarters for troops and new structures were constructed at the post. The capacity of the camp was increased to more than 35,000 soldiers.

During the Wolrd War Two the camp was used as a training facility for the US Army combat units and also as prisoner of war (POW) camp. The camp was deactivated after being used for the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.

The US Army reactivated the camp in 1973 by officially renaming it as Fort McCoy. In September 1974 a permanent trading centre was established at the post.

Construction of the prominent US Army base

In the 1990s $140m was invested to construct a total force training centre at the post. The training centre has the capacity to train more than 100,000 members every year.

The Child Development Centre at the post was constructed at a cost of $4.8m. It provides full day child care services for children aged between six weeks and five years.

Construction of 55 family dwellings at South post was completed in a multiyear project, which was financed through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Army Family Housing.

A military housing complex comprising 80 single-family dwellings was constructed at Tomah. It features playgrounds, nature areas, tennis courts, ball fields, community buildings and walking and jogging trails.

The construction at the post also includes an eight-lane bowling centre, a $3.8m exchange facility, a $4.2m commissary and a $3.5m battalion dining facility.

Garrison facilities at the active army training post in Wisconsin

The garrison command at Fort McCoy includes the 11th Bt. 86th Training Division, 88th Regional Support Command HQ, 181st Infantry Brigade, Army Materiel Command, Corps of Engineers, Defence Commissary Agency, Mission and Installation Contracting Command, Wisconsin National Guard Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion and NCO Academy.

“Fort McCoy is located near the Tomah, Sparta, La Crosse and Black River Falls communities, which provide a quality terrain.”

Fort McCoy houses more than 1,082 military personnel, 1,732 civilians, 142,891 retirees and their families, along with 1,200 contractors.

It also has 1,432 buildings and facilities. More than 100,000 military personnel are trained at the post each year. Fort Mc Coy is facilitated with more than 29 live fire ranges.

Most of the ranges are located at the North post which is located in 8,000 acres of area. It also includes 21 artillery and 12 mortar firing points. In 2010, the Range Complex at Fort McCoy was upgraded by investing more than $14m. The Range Complex offers facilities for ranges, training areas and classrooms.

The post has extensive urban training facilities, which include an urban assault course, two live-fire shoot houses, a fully instrumented 20-building Mobile Urban Training Site and a 145-building container-constructed Mobile Urban Training Site.

It also includes fully functional home station training lanes (HSTL). The two HSTLs, measuring eight kilometres long each, are facilitated with urban villages, overpasses, bridges, canals, divided roadways and traffic circles.

Fort McCoy is facilitated with a full-time medical clinic operated by a health-services contractor. It serves the medical needs of active-duty military personnel at the post.


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