Elma Electronic UK is a leading manufacturer of products suited to use within COTS and custom rugged mil-spec embedded computing applications. VITA, PICMG and custom solutions based around our 19in components, backplanes, chassis enclosures, embedded board level and storage products coupled with 51 years of engineering and manufacturing knowledge of products for use within commercial and harsh environment applications, makes us the solution partner of choice for many tier one and tier two defence-related companies.

VME, CPCI, VPX and custom rugged 19in chassis

Based on proven, successfully deployed designs, our range of 19in chassis provide a safe environment for 3U and 6U processors and associated computing boards. Standard COTS products sit alongside tailored custom solutions meaning that we can offer the most suitable solution for each and every rugged application. From 1U through to 14U and above, our extrusion and/or ‘crush-folded’ designs allow us to adapt to the needs of the programme.

In addition to the chassis itself, the core technology including the backplane is typically an Elma designed and manufactured key component. Our standard and custom backplanes are manufactured in the UK, Germany and the US, and cover standard architectures including VPX, VME, VME64X, VXS and CPCI.

In addition, 75% of our global backplane sales are derived from standard products tailored to meet the application requirements. Customisation capabilities include: routing of I/O signals to header connectors for discrete wiring, flexi-rigid and interface board I/O solutions, power interface connectors & conformal coating

Our focus is to leverage proven technology based on VITA and PICMG standard architectures.
Elma Electronic UK's 3/4 ATR S is conduction-cooled, complete with custom backplane, custom plug in power supply solution, custom IO cabling and front panel IO.
Integrated conduction cooled ATR chassis for Fast Jet application.
Elma Electronic UK's 5U x 19in rugged enclosure, including an eight-slot backplane, Mil-Std power supply, high-performance cooling and a custom rear IO panel.
Elma is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of Rugged cabinets for naval and land based applications.

Customised ATRs and Small Form Factor (SFF) Chassis

Elma UK is the global leader in the design, manufacture and support of ARINC 404, 600 and custom-sized air transport racks (ATR) and small form factor (SFF) chassis. Whether the application dictates convection, conduction or liquid cooling to protect the critical components housed within the enclosure, Elma has many years of experience of providing ATR and more recently SFF solutions which have been successfully deployed in harsh and extreme applications. This experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to manage the demands of each and every application and balance the environmental, performance and commercial needs associated with the programme.

Embedded integrated computing products

The systems division of Elma supplies the widest range of commercial, COTS and rugged electronics packaging as well as a full complement of embedded computing products and services for an extensive variety of applications.

With the acquisition of ACT/Technico in January 2009, Elma became a leading supplier of open-standards embedded boards and integrated sub-systems based mainly on the VITA and PICMG standard architectures. Elma’s embedded computing products and services, including single-board computers, mass storage, RAID, I/O and networking solutions, RTOS, Linux/Windows and device drivers continue to hold a leading position in the global defence market.

Rugged Cabinets

Elma’s range of machined and fabricated cabinets have been tested, approved and successfully deployed with defence organisations around the world. Designed to meet the requirements of Mil-Std 810F, 910D and Def-Std 59-411 our products are currently in service on platforms including: UK Royal Navy Type 23, Astute and Trafalgar class sub-marines, Australian AWD and Turkish Milgem class to name just a few.