Elma has created a rugged system supporting up to 20 camera feeds and 50 hours of recording time.The system includes a high-performance CPU and provides easily removable data cartridges housing solid state drives for reliable performance in harsh environments. The system allows for data storage removal for post flight review with the ability to operate in harsh avionics applications environments.

Benefits include:

  • Fast data storage removal allows faster analysis of critical flight data
  • Exceptional storage capacity and recording speed ensures complete and accurate flight videos
  • Solid state drives help ensure data survival in severe circumstances


  • Supports up to 20 securitycamera feeds for aircraft cabin monitoring
  • Up to seven fiber-optic 1000BaseSX interfaces
  • Dual 512GB frontremovable solid state drives with increased capacities available
  • 4 MCU ARINC 600 (or 1/2 ATR per ARINC 404) box with convection / conduction cooling
  • 115V AC, 72W, 360MHz – 800MHz power supply
  • Weight approximately 17lbs
  • High-performance, low power Intel CPU
  • Audio, video stream and ancillary data scrambling
  • Windows 7 OS
  • Fully tested and integrated system for ease of installation