ROFI, a manufacturer of different types of protective solutions, has been in the tent business since 1985.

First founded in 1914, the company develops and manufactures solutions ranging from tents to protection of people and cars against personnel mines. Its high-quality products can be manufactured in different kinds of materials.

Our products have been in service in all types of climates and have received great feedback. ROFI has both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

ROFI's compact sanitary solution.
ROFI's COLPRO system protects against nuclear, biological or chemical threats.
Our products have been in service in all types of climates.
ROFI has different types of connectors, to connect tents to cars, containers, other tents and more.
Our INNOVA tent has the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions, with high comfort.

Frame and high-pressure tents for the defence industry

ROFI manufactures most of its solutions in Norway and has the capacity to manufacture different sizes of tents. The company delivers both frame and high-pressure tents, for various uses. The tent sizes range from 12m² up to 98m². All tents are connectable, so configuration is simple.

Collective protection system for NBC conditions

ROFI has developed a collective protection (COLPRO) system that protects against nuclear, biological or chemical (NBC) threats. Since it is a standalone solution, it can be used inside tents or buildings if and when required.

The COLPRO system has a special air lock for field hospitals and allows for the transportation of injured people on stretchers into the safe area, without breaching the airlock.

Compact sanitary system for army camps

In 2012 we proudly introduced our new state-of-the-art sanitary solution, called the ROFI compact sanitary system (RCSS), which is a toilet based on vacuum technology. In transport mode the size of system is only 120cm x 80cm x 71cm, and it weighs approximately 120kg.

Through the use of a vacuum pump, it is possible to transport the waste away from camps into a tank or sewage system. For each use the pump only uses 0.6l of water and 1.25W of power. It can be used on 12V, 24V, 110V and 230V.

In just ten minutes you can have a fully functional toilet system, which only requires water, a small amount of power and a place to transport the sewage. The size of the unit when it is ready to use is 120cm x 160cm x 200cm.

High-quality tents for extreme climates

With our INNOVA tent we introduce a new way of combining simple logistics, high quality and capability to withstand extreme weather conditions, with high comfort. It is designed for climatic conditions for extreme hot, tropical, and cold climatic conditions, from -46˚C to +49˚C.

The structure has lightweight frameworks, combining profiles with slide-in fabrics, for flysheet, outer cover and inner lining, making it easy to construct the tent with a minimum of manpower. No part of the tent has a weight exceeding 40kg. It has a wind load capacity of 100km/hour and a snow load capacity of 100kg/m². Installation time for a 63m² tent is four hours when undertaken by four people.