U-Project is a leading Turkish manufacturer of field hospital projects for the defence industry.

We partner with clients throughout the manufacturing process, turning our clients’ needs into field-proven products by providing industry-leading design, engineering, prototyping, testing and serial manufacturing services.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 668, ISO 1496, EN ISO 6346 and ISO 1161 standards, with containers manufactured according to STANAG 2895 design standards for use in different climatic conditions.

Field hospitals solutions with modular units for defence applications

U-Project supplies a wide range of products, including field hospitals, truck-based mobile hospitals, mobile clinics, and decontamination systems used in military environments and extreme situations.

U-Proiect's First Aid Station.
The company manufactures inflatable tents suitable for a range of military applications.
U-Project's CBRN Tent has been specially designed to meet the demands of the defence industry.
U-Project manufactures and supplies field hospital products for defence applications.
U-Project can supply a 30-bed field hospital for the military.
U-Project products are certified to standards that include ISO 1161, ISO 668 and ISO 1496.
U-Project supplies high-quality tents and containers.
The company has developed advanced solutions for the most demanding military requirements.
U-Project's Mobile Hospital.
U-Project's Mobile Operating Room.

The company’s solutions are designed to meet the most demanding medical requirements in emergency situations such as natural disasters and wars. Our modular systems combine different types of ISO containers and shelter systems to provide a complete solution suitable for the demands of the defence industry.

Truck-based mobile hospitals for the battlefield

U-Project’s innovative truck-based mobile hospital is used as a first aid and rescue centre for emergency surgical treatment and diagnostics.

First aid rescue centres can be equipped with X-ray, laboratory, operating room and intensive care units so that patients can be effectively stabilised for transport to further treatment.

The main features of U-Project’s truck-based mobile hospitals include:

  • Medical gas
  • Air-conditioning and lighting system
  • Water treatment
  • Data and telephone network

Mobile clinics for military requirements

U-Project’s on-wheel mobile clinic solutions are designed to serve fast and reliable medical services in all areas.

The mobile base is designed to facilitate on-board clinics, providing quick succession and offering self-sufficient solutions in difficult conditions. These systems are designed to meet the quality requirements in the use of mobile health services.

We offer a wide range of mobile clinics, including:

  • Operating room
  • Polyclinic
  • Radiology clinic
  • Mammography and gynecology clinic

CBRN protection and decontamination systems

U-Project provides protection from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents, with systems providing reliable space for hazardous material decontamination in tents and cabins.

The lengthwise partition of tents means that they are divided into two or three decontamination lines, providing sufficient space for separate showering.

U-Project’s products are specially designed to offer enhanced protection to people and the environment. Our CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems are a fast and handy response to risks and threats in emergency situations for CBRN risk management.

Flexible medical concepts for military crisis situations

U-Project designs, manufactures and implements solutions for all critical situations requiring immediate action.

Our systems can be shipped worldwide, including to crisis regions and war zones, as well as to support natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions. We have also deployed our solutions for use in humanitarian emergencies and medical disasters.

U-Project’s mobile hospital solutions are also used to support medical care in refugee centres.