Yugoimport–SDPR is a leading supplier of armaments, defence equipment and technology transfer, providing G to G concepts to military clients worldwide.

In its 70 year existence, Yugoimport–SDPR has proven to be a reliable partner offering long-lasting after-sales support to its buyers, including training in operation and maintenance, spare parts supply, and upgrade programs.

Yugoimport–SDPR is primarily known as an arms dealer but has an ambition to position itself in the future as a manufacturer of complex weapon systems and defence equipment.

NOVA Light attack system
SOVA Selective trainer and utility aircraft
TAMNAVA Multiple launch rocket system 122/262 mm
Multirole fast combat boat
ALAS Advanced Light Attack System

Defence equipment for military missions

Yugoimport–SDPR has been a trusted supplier for a number of critical missions. These include:

  • Serbian defense industry integrator on the global market of armaments and defense equipment
  • Developing and organising the production of complex combat systems
  • Supplying the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia with in-house or imported complex combat systems and materials

We make a notable difference by customising our equipment and developing a collaborative conceptual design solution for the product in question.

In performing its first business mission of being a marketing and commercial integrator on the global defence market, Yugoimport–SDPR has always been intensively and closely cooperating with all companies of the defence industry and producers of armaments and military equipment.

The company’s visibility on the world defence market is best reinforced through participation in the most relevant global and regional defence exhibitions organised on its target and traditional markets.

Using its modern approach, means and presentation aids, accompanied with a large budget committed to marketing activities, it represents and promotes the local industry and the entire defence complex of the Republic of Serbia.

This benefits more than 200 companies registered for trade in the defence field, which subsequently have the opportunity to sell their products without large investments in promotion. This is in direct connection with the volume of exports and the total foreign trade turnover of Yugoimport–SDPR.

Military weapons and vehicles for defence forces

Yugoimport–SDPR offers solutions for a range of applications. This includes:

Land applications

  • Infantry weapons and equipment
  • Fire support systems
  • Combat and non-combat vehicles
  • Land based air-defense systems
  • Optic and optoelectronic equipment, radars, multi-sensor battlefield observation systems etc.
  • NBC defense

Aerospace applications

  • Aircrafts
  • UAVs
  • Aircraft armament, equipment and subsystems
  • Aircraft upgrades

Naval applications

  • Fast multi-role boats
  • Naval weapons, optoelectronics and FCS
  • Naval equipment


  • Small arms ammunition
  • Medium calibre ammunition
  • Grenade launcher ammunition
  • Mortar shells
  • Artillery ammunition and rockets
  • Tank ammunition
  • Missiles
  • Defensive anti-materiel fragmentation charges
  • Fuses, primers, powders, explosives and pyrotechnics


  • Technology transfer
  • Defense infrastructure
  • Overhaul
  • Training and education
  • Information security
  • Research, development and testing

In order to improve business activities, Yugoimport–SDPR has invested considerable funds to improve the business processes of some Serbian defense companies, to make jointly market-oriented and technically competitive products and services.

The management’s strategic orientation is reflected not only in the newly opened manufacturing facilities for modern complex combat systems and other materials, but also in the acquisition and restructuring of the existing defense companies. This way, the company has rounded off the entire technical and technological process, relying on its own resources.

About Yugoimport–SDPR

Yugoimport–SDPR is the founder of several subsidiary companies:

  • Complex combat systems was registered in 2012 to perform production of different artillery systems (mortars, howitzer guns, rocket launchers), hydraulic cylinders, and sporting and hunting ammunition.
  • Belom – Small Arms Ammunition Factory is the subsidiary of Complex Combat Systems founded with the aim of organizing in-house production of armaments and ammunition cal. 7.62 x 39 mm, 9 x 19 mm and 12.7 x 108 mm, in order to meet the increased global demand for small arms ammunition on the market.
  • Forging center was founded by Yugoimport–SDPR and Holding Company Krusik from Valjevo. It’s basic activity is production of parts of defense equipment by hot forging (forgings of projectile bodies and rocket motor chambers for mortar ammunition, artillery and rocket/missile programs), and the forgings for civilian-application products.
  • New Primer Plant was founded to meet the ever growing local demand for Boxer primers required for the production of small arms ammunition and to reduce the Serbian defense industry dependence on imports.
  • Utva Aircraft Industry represents one of the first Yugoslav glider and aircraft manufacturers, with successful long-term cooperation with Yugoimport–SDPR. All the elements, subassemblies and assemblies are manufactured, and all final aircraft equipping and ground testing of the aircraft and its systems are carried out in the sections of Utva Aircraft Factory.