Vetter, founded in Cologne in 1964, provides oil and water aspirators, lifting bags, pipe-sealing bags, test-sealing bags, pneumatic tents and decontamination showers.

Pneumatic tents

The advantages of our pneumatic tents include:

  • Can be erected by two persons in a maximum time of 2min
  • Instantly operational
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Hardly any user training required
  • Complete equipment contained in one package unit
  • Independent of power supply
  • Long durability without having to refill

The Vetter tents are designed so that transportation, assembly and disassembly can be performed quickly with as few staff as possible. This is ensured by a self-erecting support frame, low weight, compact package size and easy handling. Our standard-sized tents are available in various dimensions ranging from 12m² to 65m² (129ft² to 700ft²²); however, other sizes can be provided on request.

Features of the Vetter tents include:

Vetter provides pneumatic tents, oil and water aspirators, lifting bags, pipe-sealing bags and test-sealing bags.
Isolation cover for pneumatic tents.
Optional version of a detachable tent floor.
Decontamination showers.
We provide a standard pneumatic tent package.
  • Detachable tent floor
  • Completely detachable entry covers
  • Tent doors (as well as both side parts of the entry cover) can either be rolled individually or used as a single entry
  • Two to six windows are already contained in the basic version (the number of windows is dependent on tent size)
  • Self-erecting, highly stable support frame made of neoprene-covered woven polyester
  • Tent cover can be supplied in many colour variations
  • The individual marking is created either by using a separate cover or by direct printing on the tent cover
  • Individual tent design is possible according to customer requirements
  • Coupling of additional tents using Velcro strip fasteners (without docking cover)

Standard pneumatic tent package

Our standard package for pneumatic tents includes a self-erecting frame including tensioning ropes, a detachable tent cover, two detachable entry covers with doors, a detachable tent bottom, 16 to 28 pegs (depending on the tent size), a hammer, repair material, a bag for accessories, and a valise.

Accessories for pneumatic tents

In addition to the standard package there is also a range of accessories available for our military tents, including accessories for inflation and deflation; illumination equipment; heater and heating equipment; air conditioners; and water-heating equipment.

Oil and water aspirators, lifting bags, pipe-sealing bags and test-sealing bags

Further information about our extensive tent programme and the complete Vetter product range — which also includes oil and water aspirators, lifting bags, pipe-sealing bags and test-sealing bags — can be found on our website.