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Systems Safety Assurance Solutions for Military Applications

Plan Safe is a leading provider of systems safety assurance within the defence industry and other high-reliability sectors.

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Plan Safe is a leading provider of systems safety assurance within the defence industry and other high-reliability sectors.

Our system safety experts will help you deliver defence technology projects, ensuring that safety and human factors have been considered throughout the capability lifecycle.

Plan Safe’s system safety consultants are experts in functional safety for hardware and software and will work with your project team to ensure compliance to MIL-STD-882 (System Safety Program Requirements).

Plan Safe is an industry- leader in the supply of systems safety assurance.
The company has extensive experience in functional safety for hardware and software in the defence industry.
Plan Safe has delivered systems safety courses across the world, including in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Systems safety management for defence industry applications

Our system safety analysis / hazard analysis techniques are applicable to both new and modified systems and consider design, integration, maintenance, operation and disposal lifecycle phases. We ensure your project considers all complex system interactions for degraded states, single and multiple failure modes, and system interfaces.

Plan Safe will create your project Safety Assessment Report (SAR), which acts as a comprehensive evaluation of safety risks prior to operation of the system. A SAR identifies the system hazards and specific safety requirements that should be implemented by relevant parties.

Our consultants manage entire defence systems and high-reliability safety programmes, making us the ideal choice for a range of military requirements.

Systems safety training for military operations

Alongside our industry partner ALARP Solutions, our team has delivered systems safety courses across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

We provide advanced level functional safety courses that describe the application of system safety engineering during the development and upgrade phases of the product lifecycle, as well as courses on safety management practices and procedures.

Courses offered by Plan Safe include:

  • Introduction to system safety (principles and concepts)
  • Applied systems safety
  • Safety management
  • System development and implementation

Our courses are specifically designed for engineers involved in the development or modification of defence systems.

We also provide training and advice to safety management system owners and specialists. Course participants are given insights into relevant civilian and military approaches to system safety, which includes an assessment of the relative merit and application of each approach, and guidance on how to assess the adequacy of system safety outcomes.

Human factors and non-technical skills

Effective understanding of human factors and performance issues associated with your programme is critical to delivering effective defence capability.

Plan Safe specialists will work with your design teams to ensure human factors are considered in new system development projects or within the in-service phase of a systems lifecycle.

Plan Safe human performance specialists provide expertise for defence programme and contexts, including human in the loop assessments, crew resource management, situational awareness improvements, and mission performance reviews.

Our human factors programmes will ensure that your systems are designed with the user in mind, taking account of their inherent human capabilities and limitations so people can work effectively in partnership with technology.

Defence safety management systems

Plan Safe consultants have developed comprehensive safety management systems (SMS) for defence contractors. We liaise with external certification bodies to achieve and maintain certification to international standards.

We have extensive knowledge across multiple high-risk industries such as aviation, military, and heavy industry, which enables us to provide insights into practical and effective approaches to SMS development.

Our experience in developing and implementing organisational change programmes ensures that your new SMS is embraced by managers and workers alike, while our team will help your senior leadership communicate safety priorities, policies and commitments.

We also have experience in the application of health and safety legislation, including the Commonwealth WHS Act and Regulation and associated codes of practice and guidance notes. Plan Safe has developed risk management systems for companies working across multiple jurisdictions, including the Commonwealth, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Problematic substances and hazardous material assessments

Plan Safe have completed hazardous materials safety risk assessments and environmental safety / impact assessments within defence environments.

Our work includes providing expert advice on asbestos management, lead exposure, and various chemical risk assessments. We offer advice on storage and use requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE) and the selection of dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Plan Safe personnel personnel have worked in organisations with major chemical storage and use requirements, gaining significant experience in the application of appropriate legislation to various circumstances and materials.

System safety programme and WHS audits

Plan Safe personnel have extensive experience auditing system safety programmes and safety management systems across various organisations in the defence sector. Our personnel are qualified and experienced auditors, with history of conducting audits to ensure compliance to a range of international standards, including MIL–STD–882, IEC61508 and ISO9001.

The company has provided audit review and advice to clients, advising on the use of various audit tools. Our personnel help clients develop audit tools or use existing tools and are able to provide solutions for varying uses.

Products & services

  • Planning for Success

    Plan Safe specialise in identifying safety complexities, opportunities and efficiencies to enhance your systems and operations.

  • Safety Management Systems

    We create effective SMSs for complex projects in a range of industries. Plan Safe will ensure your safety systems address all regulatory, operational and business requirements.

  • Training and Facilitation

    Plan Safe are specialists in creating multi-platform training packages. Tailored to your industry and organisation, we ensure that training is both interactive and thought-provoking to ready your team for the work ahead.

  • Systems Safety Assurance

    Plan Safe are experts in socio-technical systems within high reliability sectors. We will build your systems safety case, plan and reporting mechanisms to ensure your assets remain safe for their lifetime.

  • Safety in Design

    Safety in design is our passion. Our team will work with you to develop a practical strategy for refining, improving and adapting your designs throughout the project lifecycle.

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