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Blast Protection and CBRN Filtration Systems To Protect Military Infrastructure

Temet is a world-leader in blast protection and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems for protecting critical military infrastructure.

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Temet is a world-leader in blast protection and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) filtration systems for protecting critical military infrastructure.

The company is committed to lab and field-proven solutions, innovative R&D, and full customer support. This commitment is at the centre of our customer-based approach from design and customisation, through installation, to commissioning and training.

Temet constantly invests in its R&D and engineering capabilities, production capacity and automation for fast and high quality deliveries, and quality assurance and management systems, in order to provide its clients and partners some of the most fail-proof solutions on the market.

Blast door surrounded with PSV-350 blast valves.
Multiple CBRN filtration units for emergency ventilation.
Double-leaf blast doors leading to a hardened shelter.
Blast doors waiting to be installed at construction site.
Blast door, blast valves and special wall sleeves for cables and pipes.
Double leaf blast doors leading to a shelter, peacetime function is a car park.
ESL-CO2-230, Fully automatic, regenerative carbon dioxide removal system.
HV-series blast dampers installed on a control building.
Temet PV-KK blast valves installed in front of ventilation opening to prevent advance of blast wave into the building.
KS-ESR – gastight valve with electric spring return actuator.

Hardened shelter technology for the defence sector

Temet’s extensive product portfolio includes all the necessary shelter equipment and, with our expert R&D department, we can customise and develop any required solution.

A comprehensive shelter design should consider the threat and blast analysis, the purpose of the shelter in both normal and emergency times, its contingency and survivability requirements, and its habitants and the length of stay.

Traditional shelters should include a blast protection perimeter, a gastight and an over-pressurised toxic-free area with CBRN filtration system. With modern threats, a shelter may also require many other features, including a CO2 removal system for an extended stay, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection, and/or automation and integration into a building management system.

Blast protection valves and doors for the military

Temet produces advanced solutions designed for blast-resistant situations.

We have a large variety of valves, including blast valves, overpressure valves, closing valves (gas-tight shut-off valves), cable transmission sleeves, and others in many models and sizes and blast protection ranging up to 100 bar.

Our large variety of blast-protected doors and hatches includes standard single or double-leaf doors and hatches, sliding / lifting doors, and others in sizes varying from standard to extra-large ammunition storage doors, as well as blast rating up to more than 300 bar.

We also offer a variety of options, such as motorised and remote-controlled doors, special hinges for everyday manual use, a locking mechanism, and more.

CBRN filtration and CO2 removal systems

In emergency situations, when the outside air may be highly contaminated with unknown or detected CBRN agents, it is critical to keep the shelter contaminant-free.

Temet’s CBRN filtration systems are tested, certified, and proven to filter almost any known CBRN agent while introducing fresh and clean air to the shelter.

In some cases, when a complete sealing of the shelter is required, the oxygen will run out and the CO2 level will rise to dangerous levels.

Temet’s engineers have developed a unique regenerative CO2 removal system for large shelters for long-term operation and protection with an optional O2 supply system.

Shock and vibration isolation technology

Shock isolator technology is essential in installations as ground shocks can result in serious damage to sensitive equipment or personnel.

Temet provides comprehensive ground shock isolator systems designed for use with equipment installed in applications where they are susceptible to shock loads.

Temet’s ground shock isolators are ideal for protecting mechanical and electrical installations against ground shock effects and to prevent transmittance and propagation of self-exited vibrations.

Industrial blast protection solutions for defence applications

Blast protection in critical industrial environments is essential. The priority of the blast protective equipment is to protect people and important assets in the event of a blast. Without proper protection, the blast wave will penetrate the building through air inlets and exhaust penetrations even the structure around them would have been hardened. Adequate protection can prevent the escalation of a minor explosion into a serious event.

Temet’s advanced and cost-effective blast protection solutions are installed in many industrial facilities to contain an explosion, protect critical infrastructures and human lives. In many critical infrastructure, facilities such as command and control centres are built as a full shelter to allow continuous operation under any circumstances.

Many of Temet’s industrial solutions are tested and certified to the highest standards, even surpassing the most stringent nuclear requirements.

About Temet

Founded in 1953, Temet has been the leader in the Finnish market since the first Finnish Civil Defense Shelters regulations.

The company naturally evolved to become an international leader and today, our product portfolio includes the full range of sheltering and blast mitigation equipment such as blast-proof valves, doors and hatches, as well as CBRN filtration and CO2 removal systems, to complete shelter design and construction.

Temet is part of the international Temet Group, which offers a complete and evolving portfolio of products and services for blast and CBRN protection. Together with sister companies and subsidiaries, Temet Group has a combined track record of more than 100 years, in over 85 countries, and more than 50,000 completed shelter projects.

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Products & services

  • Temet Range of Products

    The product palette of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impact is required within civil defence and military shelters.

  • CO2 Removal System

    Temet ESL-CO2-230-B is a fully automatic regenerative carbon dioxide removal system. The system is designed to be used in any facility having a gastight envelope that needs to be fully closed in dangerous situations. Removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere is an important function of a life-supporting system.

  • CBRN Filtration Systems and Filters

    The CBRN filtration system is necessary to protect against the many gases, vapours and aerosols that could be released in an accident or terrorist act.

  • Blast Valves

    Blast valves are protective elements for air intakes and outlets. Temet blast valves are providing protection from two bar up to 100 bar, based on the model. Blast valves for hardened shelters will be installed into the wall prior to concrete casting to integrate the frame with wall reinforcement.

  • Blast Doors

    Temet designs and manufactures special blast resistant and gastight doors for civil defence shelters and other civilian and military protective structures.

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