The product palette of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impact is required within civil defence and military shelters.

Closing the ventilation ducts and separating the clean and contaminated areas of the protected building is done safely with the help of Temet gastight valves. These valves retain their air tightness at substantial pressure differential, and can be manually operated or provided with electrical and electro-mechanical fail safe actuators.

Gastight valves are installed where ducts and channels penetrate the gastight protection line. When a gastight valve is open it allows airflow in or out. When the airflow has to stop the space will be isolated gastight and then the valve is closed. It is also possible to partly open the valve. In this case it is possible to regulate the airflow with the valve.

The KS series gastight valves are used in air ducts within civil defence and military shelters, as well as industrial facilities.

Temet provides a comprehensive set of ground shock isolator systems designed for use in applications where the equipment are susceptible to shock loads.

Temet ground shock isolators are best suited to protect mechanical and electrical installations against ground shock effects and to prevent transmittance and propagation of self-exited vibrations.

Shelters and other protected rooms cannot function without air, water and electricity. To bring these into the protected area, the inlets must be absolutely tight and protected against blast effects.

Wall sleeves for the incoming and outgoing utilities are provided in blast and gas protective shelter’s walls to attain total protection level in terms of pressure durability and gas tightness.

Temet special protective wall sleeves guarantee that plumbing and piping, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork and electricity cables are safely taken through the massive protective walls, fully retaining the blast resistance and gas tightness of each penetration.

The YM-1 overpressure meter is used for measuring and monitoring of the internal overpressure in NBC-protected civil defence and military shelters.