Gatekeeper is an American advanced-technology company dedicated to the detection of Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) specialising in the business of vehicle identification and bomb detection.

Gatekeeper is actively involved in combating global terror through its development and worldwide deployment of its Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS). The automatic under vehicle inspection system denies terrorists the ability to use their weapon of choice providing the first line of defense against foreign and domestic threats to our country and its citizens’ security.

Gatekeeper products are state-of-the-art, used to collect intelligence about the movement of vehicles based on data collected through the various Gatekeeper systems that can be analyzed to assist in the identification of potential terrorists and their activities.


The vehicle undercarriage inspection ramp is built around patent pending advanced digital optical technology that:

Vehicle undercarriage inspection ramp.
Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) monitoring unit.
Potential IED detected by the automatic under vehicle inspection system.
Gatekeeper is dedicated to the detection of vehicle borne improvised explosive devices.
Gatekeeper under-vehicle inspection system.
  • Captures two simultaneous images
  • Searches for and identifies foreign objects
  • Captures ‘finger print’ images of vehicles
  • System captures vehicle image, auto-detects any foreign objects and alerts security personnel

There are a host of other features which make this system unbeatable in vehicle detection. The vehicle undercarriage inspection ramp also comes with a scanner that is made of the strongest materials, enabling it to perform in harsh environments from 14°F to 140°F without a heating or cooling unit.

The scanner comes with an embedded front image camera or optional external vehicle view camera to include a license plate reader – making the identification of threatening vehicles even more advanced and reliable.


The Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) monitoring unit comes in two main formats:

  • Mobile AUVIS version
  • Guard Shack AUVIS version

Each version contains a database with automatic and/or on-demand search features. The AUVIS database includes a complete vehicle profile including vehicle make and model, under vehicle reference and achieved images (front and back views), image of the front and/or rear of each vehicle including number plate (optional automatic license plate reader), date and time stamp of each entry.

The database can be expanded to include information from other access control technologies for example, driver details and images, biometric information etc. The Mobile AUVIS monitor has a 19in high resolution NIF or capacitive touch screen and fold over cover that doubles as a stand when opened. The Guard Shack AUVIS monitor is a 19in high resolution capacitive touch flat screen.


Gatekeeper’s Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS) system can be integrated into any number of access control technologies. These can include: barriers, claws, biometric systems, card readers, weigh-in-motion systems, etc.

By integrating the automatic under vehicle inspection system into other access control technologies guard forces are able to gain access to information about drivers, passengers and vehicles entering controlled facilities.

The Gatekeeper automatic under vehicle inspection system can be integrated with a number of technologies, such as: facial recognition, finger print reading, radio transponders, barriers and many other technologies.


Gatekeeper’s technology is used all over the world. Recent deployments include the Grand Hyatt Amman, US Southern Command HQ, Bank of America Headquarters, US Embassy Riyadh, and more systems in Iraq and elsewhere around the globe.

Gatekeeper also continues to provide quality service to any of its systems 24/7, through its revolutionary approach to service known as Global Reach™. With Global Reach all an operator of a system needs is access to broadband internet and Gatekeeper’s technical support staff can communicate directly with the system to assist the operator, download software upgrades, run system checks and assist with database management.

With all these outstanding features and abilities, Gatekeeper will continue to provide the best security available, with the latest technologies making Gatekeeper Security the right choice for your security.