Stauder Technologies are experts in providing high-end solutions to the defence industry, specialising in technology that enables interoperable digital communications.

Stauder has extensive experience in supplying Tactical Datalinks, Digital Command & Control, Digital Fires and Digital Interoperability solutions for the military.

With our engineering expertise in Tactical Datalinks (including Link-16, VMF, and CoT) and radios and sensors integration, we develop intuitive solutions for Air, Ground, and Sea communications to achieve optimal Situational Awareness, Digitally Aided Close Air Support and Digitally Aided Fire Support. Our products support warfighters on land, sea and in the air in achieving their mission.

Innovative software to integrate data links, sensors and radios

Stauder’s core product, the Joint Effects and Coordination Link (JECL®), is a software package that provides a service-oriented approach to integrating complex data links, radios and sensors.

JECL® excels at moving digital data to every node on the battlefield. It is designed to hide clients from the details and simplify the integration of complex data links, sensors, and military devices.

JECL® is a fundamental component of our HydeDM™, GustoAir™, DPSS and TAK solutions and is fully tested and deployed by the US DoD and many allies for ground systems and aircraft platforms.

The JECL® middleware services are developed with the idea of placing it in every node. This allows application developers to quickly consume the Java, C++, or C# SDK. JECL® is deployed on many operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Android.

JECL® provides a set of common component and communication services for quick, consistent and reliable integration to developers of Battlefield Management Applications and Systems, so they can focus on the important mission-driven user interface and business logic.

Airborne solutions for the military


HydeDM™ is designed to upgrade legacy military aircraft’s digital communications capabilities to modern standards. With a simple single box replacement, we were able to not only upgrade to the latest TDL protocols, we were also able to creatively expand the messaging capability, for about half the price of an IDM. No wiring changes. No mounting changes. No Mission Computer changes. Just unplug the IDM, plug in the HydeDM™ and power up the jet.

One more pro: HydeDM™ is future proof: you can keep up with the ever-changing digital communications protocols through a maintenance-level squirt of the box.

HydeDM™ has been provided to Danish, Portuguese, Belgian and Romanian F-16 pilots, as well as the US and Italian AV-8B pilots. It is planned for incorporation on new Block 70 F-16s. HydeDM™ can also be adapted to almost any military airplane or helicopter to achieve guaranteed interoperability.


This Android Application is a moving map tool with TDL communications supporting VMF and Link-16. Connected to HydeDM™, it is in operational use on the F-16, providing the needed moving map, wingman symbology, air/surface/subsurface/land tracks, tactical graphics and full bi-directional mission coordination and messaging exchange.

GustoAir™ can also be used as a JTAC/DACAS Training Tool. In a natural extension of our premium GustoAir™ system, we decoupled it from HydeDM™, paired it with low-cost radios, and either placed this combination in Alpha Jets, L-39s, Lear Jets, etc., or simply set this system up in the classroom to simulate an F-35, F-18, F-16, A-10, AV-8B, etc. What’s more, in some cases we hooked it to pod-based sensors and provided sensor steering and video downlink.

Reliable and accurate ground solutions

Tactical Assault Kit (TAK) Family of Applications

TAK could be considered the Swiss Army knife of mapping systems used by the USAF, US Army, SOCOM and many international partners that includes an open architecture for mission-based plugin development. The SOF operator, JTAC and JFO need a mission plugin for digitally acquiring and transmitting the important information to many disparate systems.

We developed the premier plugin to TAK for conducting fires-based missions, communicating with virtually every digitally-capable platform via mobileJECL™. The mobileJECL™ plugin also integrates your tactical radios, sensors and GPS-devices with TAK seamlessly. The operator can program, control and operate those devices from his tactical End User Device via the mobileJECL™ User Interface. This includes a fully functional software KDU for most commonly used radios by SOF operators, JTACs and JFOs.

Digital Precision Strike Suite (DPSS) Family of Applications

Warfighters, especially Joint Terminal Air Controllers and Joint Forward Observers, love DPSS apps like APASS for their intuitive, precision targeting capabilities all on a smart phone or tablet, but they also need a reliable, accurate and safe way to move targets and missions between operators and platforms.

Add Stauder’s mobileJECL™, a dash of business logic and a tablespoon of User Experience code and you have the recipe for digital interfaces to your radios and sensors and interoperability with most digitally capable aircraft and command & control systems.

The mobileJECL™ plugin to the DPSS Apps make them fully DACAS and DAFS capable in accordance with the latest standards. Allowing JTACs and JFOs to execute fires more efficient, effective and safe.

About Stauder Technologies

At Stauder Technologies our team of system engineers, software engineers, trainers and support personnel are passionate about our mission and have achieved high levels of expertise.

While Stauder Technologies is a small company, we are extremely nimble and responsive to our customers.

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