Vestey Foods has been established internationally for more than 100 years, and operate in every area of the food supply chain. The special contracts division (SCD) is focussed on international foodservice contracts, and institutional and defence feeding. They supply fresh and frozen produce, concentrating on proteins, and as part of their offer they deliver a number of different shelf-stable food products which are ambient products with long shelf lives.

Military ambient feeding solutions

Vestey Foods are proud to include the UK MoD as a key customer, and have been suppliers of their operational ration packs for some years. Vestey Foods was recently granted the sole licence to sell and distribute the British Army rations to other users. In addition to the UK MoD, they also supply the militaries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Malta and Ireland. Furthermore, they are the only ambient feeding suppliers in the current NAMSA catalogue, servicing any nation part of Nato.

Emergency feeding and contingency planning

Additionally, these products are finding a wide range of uses in both the commercial and public sector, including offsite / emergency feeding and contingency planning. They are also able to offer alternative tailor-made solutions in the event that the off-the-shelf options are not totally suited to requirements. Personally branded packaging can also be provided.

Military, humanitarian and contingency feeding solutions

Attention focus has been made in several categories, although not exhaustive nor indeed exclusive, and the main areas are as follows:

Vestey Foods are proud suppliers of military ambient feeding solutions to the British Army.
Vestey Foods’ products concentrate on proteins and have a long shelf-life.
Vestey Foods recently supplied food products to earthquake-stricken Haiti as part of relief efforts.
  • Army / military feeding, including homeland, operational and AU / peacekeeping missions
  • Contingency supply for humanitarian crisis – Vestey Foods were one of the first organisations contacted by the World Food programme when the earthquake unfortunately hit Haiti recently – the food was required not only for the victims but also for the relief aid workers. Similarly, there was great demand during the recent flooding within the UK and the government are now looking at holding Vestey rations for their emergency feeding programmes
  • Private organisations – especially those involved in mining, reconstruction and re-development.

Vestey Foods are already well versed in exporting globally, the group already operating in many areas of the world.