Airbus DS Communications is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing lead system integration and value-added products and services to civil and military customers around the globe.

The portfolio ranges from air systems (aircraft and unmanned aerial systems) and land, naval and joint systems through intelligence and surveillance to cyber security and secure communications, as well as test systems, missiles, training systems, and services and support solutions.

Airbus DS Communications stands for defending world security, supporting the people whose mission is to protect the world.

Simulation-based military training systems

Airbus DS Communications offers a fully comprehensive line of simulation-based training systems and associated tools for education, training and assessment, from computer-based training programmes, procedure and tactical training to full-mission simulators, in the fields of air defence, radar, jamming, gunnery, vehicle driving and special machine operations.

Highly mobile classroom training solutions – examples show VR-based heavy machine gun training system (left) and mobile STINGER trainer MoST (right).
Classroom training solutions – example shows low-level air defence training crew training system commander (left), gunner (right), instructor station (front).
Deployable, container-based mobile training solutions – example shows virtual reality trainer in an application for STINGER crew training.
Close air support, forward air controller and joint fire support team full mission training in dome trainer virtual environment. The modular training system concept is scalable and adaptable to various applications and training requirements.

Simulator products are based on the same true fidelity software and optimised to customer-specific training requirements to be used for the practical content of conducting reproducible exercises in a virtual world, close to a real world, typical mission and combat environment.

Airbus DS Communications is the innovative leader in simulation technology and training solutions, delivering systems and services for military and civil markets. We have the perfect land and air-defence training system solution to meet your mission planning, combat and tactical training requirements.

Simulation-based military training systems are in service in, for example, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, the UK, Turkey and the Middle East.

Modular simulation-based military training systems

The modular design of Airbus DS Communications’ simulation-based training systems allows the use of the latest state-of-the-art commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, thus optimising performance and the cost of ownership.

Full combat and mission training in a dome trainer environment

The dome trainer is a computer-aided training system offering a wide range of sea, ground and air targets, attack profiles and computer-generated forces in a simulated 360° indoor training environment. The training system supports gunnery and team training for air defence weapon systems (e.g. STINGER; RBS70, Mistral, Strela and Igla), heavy machine guns, as well as close-air-support (CAS), forward air-control (FAC) or joint-fire-support-team training (JFST), just to name a few of the combat and mission training applications the system is used for.

Virtual reality tactical and combat training systems

Training in cyberspace – helmet-mounted-display solutions – are part of Airbus DS Communications’ cost-effective training systems for advanced tactical and combat training. Just like in a dome trainer, the trainees use specially modified replicas of their original weapon systems or mission equipment. Highly realistically training scenarios are presented with a wide field-of-view.

Training with virtual reality (VR) training systems is supported by accurate and precise simulation of the weapons and equipment, and all data required for simulation, monitoring and assessment is acquired by sensors and tracking systems, allowing the instructor detailed debriefing after training missions are completed.

Customised, deployable and mobile training systems

On the basis of the latest technologies, highly versatile and low-cost mobile and deployable training systems have been developed, supporting individual and crew training.

These systems allow for tactical and handling training of adapted weapons for gunners and crews without requiring costly live target and scenario activities and expensive infrastructures. The systems allow easy set-up and operation in a classroom environment, or can also be integrated in standard and/or expandable 20ft containers to be operated on-board ships.

By means of the database generation system, in a short time the instructor may create on-site new training scenarios, target models and exercises replicating the real mission environment into the training system, wherever the system is operated.

Due to its DIS/HLA capability, any mobile training solution can also be operated in combination with simulators of other weapon systems.