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Military Mobile Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Since 1958, Dantherm has developed and manufactured air-handling equipment which provides healthy and comfortable environments.


Originally founded in 1954, the Dantherm Group is a leader in portable and installed climate control solutions for a wide range of industries. Based on the work of more than 600 passionate climate control experts, our competence centres around Europe design and build exceptional heating, cooling, drying, ventilation and air purifying solutions. Solutions that are always developed with sustainability, reduced energy consumption and cost savings in mind.

Experienced and recognised by Nato

Having supported military field camps for over 35 years with more than 30,000 deliveries, our field-deployable mobile heating, cooling and drying solutions have become the Nato standard. Complying with advanced Nato requirements, as well as ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, we work closely with tent and container suppliers to develop site-specific solutions that ensure fully functional military camps, field hospitals and more under all conditions.

Being able to source everything from just one supplier will help streamline your purchasing supply lines and reduce your costs for internal handling.

Climate solutions for all applications and environments

Our portfolio of mobile solutions relevant to military and humanitarian applications includes the following:

Tent heating:

  • VA-M15 MKII: 17.9 kW heat output and 1,080 m3/h air flow
  • VA-M40 MK II: 38 kW heat output and 2,200m3/h air flow
  • FH20: 22 kW heat output and 1,815 m3/h air flow
  • FH40: 40.7 kW heat output and 2,980 m3/h air flow

Container cooling:

  • AC-M5 MKI: 4.7 kW cooling capacity and 900 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M5 MKII (CBRN/COLPRO compliant): 4.7 kW cooling capacity and 900 m3/h air flow
  • AC M10 (CBRN/COLPRO compliant): 10 kW cooling capacity and 1,625 m3/h air flow

Tent cooling:

  • AC 24: 6 kW cooling capacity and 2,180 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M7 MKII: 7.6 kW cooling capacity and 2,500 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M11: 11 kW cooling capacity and 1,700 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M16: 15 kW cooling capacity and 2,200 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M18: 17.5 kW cooling capacity and 2,500 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M18 (60Hz): 17.5 kW cooling capacity and 2,500 m3/h air flow
  • AC-M18 CBRN: 17.5 kW cooling capacity and 2,500 m3/h air flow

Dehumidification and cooling

  • AC 22: 7.1 kW cooling capacity, 7.5 kW heating capacity and 130 l/24h drying capacity

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    Watch this video from our modern manufacturing facilities in Skive, Denmark. See how our mobile heating and cooling units for tents and containers are manufactured.

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