The ACM 5 MK II is designed for window mounting in ISO containers. Together with the trap door system, the air conditioner is mounted inside the container. It is designed to be stored within the confinement of the ISO corners of the container during transportation or storage. The ACM 5 MK II is sliding in its trap door system and is deployed from the container for operation. Once deployed, the unit is locked from inside the container when operating.

The function of the ACM 5 MK II is based on a cooling circuit with two powerful fans. The evaporator (inside the container) section contains the evaporator core and a radial fan, which cycles the warm internal air from the shelter through the cold evaporator core and expels the cooled air through the discharge grill. The condenser (outside the container) section contains the condenser core and an axial fan, which is moving the heat from the internal air to the outside atmosphere. The condenser circuit is not filtered. Instead of filtering this air path, sand and debris entering the unit will be expelled through holes in the bottom of the ACM 5 MK II. This means low maintenance for the air conditioner.