Dantherm Delivers to Field Hospitals in the Middle East Requiring Clean Indoor Environments

Field hospital

Dantherm delivers mobile cooling units such as AC-M11 and AC-M18 to a variety of projects in the Middle East. The warm climate requires high-end equipment, especially when deployed to the remote sites of the region.

The typical applications are field hospitals with a requirement for a clean indoor environment when tents are used for shelter.

The field camp noise level is of high priority for the occupants while power consumption, efficiency and logistic effort, as well as life-time cost, is of major concern for the budget owners.

As part of the delivery, Dantherm runs training courses in order to ensure local expertise on site.

Some sites require more than clean indoor environments. They need to protect the occupants from chemical and biologic hazards or they have to protect the outdoor personnel from a contamination source within the shelters.

These applications require special features; some special made for the purpose and some are built into the standard products.

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