The ACM 7 MK II Air Conditioner is a transportable unit, developed primarily to provide air conditioning in temporary or transportable buildings or tents. The ACM 7 MK II is designed to be placed outside, with supply air and return air ducted either to one tent (1xØ315) or two tents (2xØ225).

The function of the ACM 7 MK II is based on a cooling circuit and two powerful centrifugal fans. The upper section contains the evaporator and evaporator fan, which draws warm ambient or recirculated air through the cold evaporator coil and supply the cooled air through the discharge into the room. The lower section of the unit houses the condenser fan and condenser coil, which return the heat taken from the cooled air to the surrounding atmosphere.

The standard version of ACM 7 MK II is equipped with an electric heating coil, to provide heating for example in night time when temperatures can fall under 20°C.