Dantherm mobile air conditioner ACM7C

The ACM 7C Air Conditioner (cooling output 7.7kW) is designed for outdoor mounting on containers and is ideal for on-road application.

The ACM 7C air conditioner provides climate control in ISO containers in hot environments and is capable of supplying air conditioning in temperatures up to 60°C. It is a powerful 400 Volt/3 phase air conditioner with enough air pressure to link to internal air distribution channels.

The special features include extreme shock and vibration robustness and the unit is tested to MIL 810 in all three axes and also during operation. It has a digital, on-board room thermostat displaying exact room temperature and allowing simple unit control.

A hole pattern is provided for bolt thread interface fabrication and the ACU is easily mounted via crane or fork lift. A lifting eye is provided for mounting and dismantling. An on-board room thermostat and fan speed selector enables the operator to select the ideal mode for their comfort. The product is serviced on board and provides access to all parts from above.

The function of the ACM 7C is based on a cooling circuit with two powerful fans. The evaporator (inside air loop) section contains a radial fan and the evaporator core, which cycles the warm internal air from the container through the cold evaporator core and projects the cooled air through the discharge grill.

The condenser (outside the container) section contains the condenser core and two axial fans, moving the heat from the internal air to the outside atmosphere. Instead of filtering this airpath, sand and debris entering the unit will be expelled through holes in the bottom of the ACM7C, equalling low maintenance.