The VA-M Warm Air Heaters are transportable units that provide heating in tents or temporary, transportable buildings. The units have been developed in close cooperation with the armed forces of NATO countries and are designed to be placed outside the tent, with supply and return air ducted to the tent.

The heaters are based on the in-direct fired (clean air) principle to avoid introducing combustion or fumes into occupied spaces. The forced air system provides for the most rapid warm-up capability.

The heaters are essentially self-contained, requiring only a source of external electric power and fuel. The units run effectively on almost all diesel fuels. These are supplied by the fuel hose assembly which may be connected to external jerry cans or drums.



  • 17.9 kW heat output
  • 1,080 m3/h air flow


  • 38 kW heat output
  • 2,200m3/h air flow

Ideal for:

  • Tents
  • Accommodation
  • Field hospitals
  • Military camps
  • Relief camps
  • Temporary buildings

Your benefits

  • Fully operational in temperatures down to -40°C
  • Rapid creation of a comfortable working environment
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to transport, even over ice and snow
  • Setting up can be done by one person – no tools required
  • Chosen as the NATO standard, conforming to all NATO requirements and normal
  • All units have unique NATO stock numbers (NSN)

Download the datasheet for full technical specifications.