In Afghanistan Wearing a Helmet and a Fragmentation Vest

As head of Dantherm Air Handling's defence segment, Lars Brodersen has visited Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and other locations where the company's air handling systems are making a huge difference.

Which would you prefer: Being left out in the burning sun in Chad in the West African desert, running across the local air landing strip lugging 42 kg of luggage in an attempt to catch the last flight out? Or a nightly two-hour drive accompanied by a couple of heavily armed soldiers in a Hummer on the road from the Kuwaiti border to the city of Shaiba in the Iraqi province of Basra - a road where roadside bombs and terrorist attacks are a regular part of the night's unrest?

Most would say no thank you to both. But that was not an option for Lars Brodersen when he found himself in the uncomfortable and risky situations described above - both of which had positive outcomes, luckily.

For more information download the white paper available from the link below.

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