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HTS tentiQ

Military Shelters, Hangars, Field Camps, Lightweight Carbon Shelters

HTS tentiQ is the military shelters division of Röder HTS Höcker, a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of temporary structures.

Hinter der Schlagmühle 1,
63699 Kefenrod Germany

Roder HTS Hocker

HTS tentiQ is a world-leader in the design, manufacture and supply of temporary structures.

The HTS tentiQ Military division was set up to focus on suppling international military and humanitarian organisations with the highest quality shelters, in the quickest, easiest, fastest and most economical way possible.

Experience, expertise and knowledge

Heinz Röder, one of the founders of the aluminium tent industry, set up this new division to bring his wealth of tent industry experience and knowledge into the military and relief organisation sector.

Innovative patented designs

HTS tentiQ has developed a revolutionary generation of military shelter that combines the use of carbon with aluminium for the main frame components.

The Carbon-Hybrid range is unique to and fully patented by HTS-RDS. These millitary shelters offer a lighter, yet stronger alternative to an equivalent traditional shelter; achieving up to 35% less packaged weight and 50% less packaged volume. This weight saving translates into substantial advantages for the user in terms of general loading, handling and installation costs.

Military shelters, tents and hangars

HTS tentiQ’s range of products can be used in almost every field of operation within the military and humanitarian sectors worldwide.

Our full range of shelters and tents includes:

Standard Military Shelters

  • Troop Shelters
  • Inflatable Shelters
  • Multi-Purpose Tents
  • Maintenance Shelters
  • Military Hangars
  • Storage Shelters
  • Super-Quick Shelters
  • Emergency Relief Shelters
  • Full Camp Solutions

Carbon-Hybrid Military Shelters

  • Carbon-Hybrid Troop Shelters
  • Carbon-Hybrid Maintenance Shelters
  • Carbon-Hybrid Multi-Purpose Shelters

All HTS tentiQ military shelters are available in a variety of sizes and specifications and suitable for single or full camp solutions.

Military shelters, hangars and tents

  • Designed for quick installation and easy handling in demanding conditions
  • Lightweight components for shipping, handling and efficient installation
  • Designed for multiple deployments on all types of terrain and environments
  • Can withstand external temperature differences when used with internal thermal liners
  • Certified engineering, designed to withstand regional wind and snow load demands
  • Main components manufactured from extruded structural grade aluminium or lightweight carbon-reinforced alloy profiles.
  • Standard outer fabric colours available in white, NATO green and sand
  • A variety of door, window, internal flooring, lighting and environmental control units (ECUs), power generation systems and insulation packages are available
  • Complete turnkey service, including supply, installation, maintenance and support on a global basis

Military shelter uses

Whatever the requirement we can supply a shelter to fulfil the need, either from our standard range of military shelter systems or with a bespoke custom designed project.

  • Accommodation and Office Space
  • Recreational Space
  • Kitchens / Mess Tents
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Complete Field Camps
  • Storage and Maintenance
  • Emergency and Humanitarian Relief

Military field camps

HTS tentiQ can provide complete military field camps, mobile hospitals, command posts and airfield buildings, this can even include all internal equipment. These camps can be equipped with wastewater management, waste management, electrical wiring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical power generator and kitchen units. Camps can also be partitioned into different zones for the soldiers, creating a completely modular camp.

This service can provide a full-spectrum customised design for clients with specific requirements. The service also includes qualified installation teams who are available for deployment worldwide to fully manage or advise on projects for both military and humanitarian applications.

Inflatable Military Shelter

The HTS tentiQ Inflatable Military Shelter features an extremely fast and easy set up that takes around five minutes for one or two people. These shelters are also very adaptable and suitable for a variety of living and working spaces.

Fast Emergency Shelters

The HTS tentiQ Military P-Shelters were designed specifically for fast, economical deployment and easy, quick set up without needing any experience, knowledge or tools to do so.

Carbon-Hybrid Shelters

The latest generation of military shelter is available exclusively and only from HTS tentiQ. Our new and fully patented, carbon-hybrid range of shelters achieves the optimum in strength and weight.

Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

The range of aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters are the largest military shelter we supply, with the standard range going up to 60m in width, 14m roof height and customised ranges going up to widths of 70m. They are strong and durable with high snow and wind tolerances and relatively easy to transport and install.

Rapid Deployment Shelters

HTS tentiQ is a world leading provider of modular military shelter systems. Delivering single, individual shelters, through to the supply, installation and on-going maintenance of complete turnkey re-deployable camp systems in the most extreme and demanding environments around the globe.

Rapid Deployment Tent Passes Rigorous Customer Assessment

HTS tentiQ recently supplied a military customer based in Africa with a rapid deployment tent to be used quickly and easily in the field.  Crucial to their requirements were ease of assembly and fast set-up times.   

HTS tentiQ Military Shelters to Feature at IDEX 2019

The head of HTS tentiQ, Michael Zeh, along with the team, will be in Abu Dhabi this February presenting the company's full range of military shelters at IDEX 2019 – International Defence Exhibition & Conference.

HTS tentiQ to Exhibit at Eurosatory 2018

The team at HTS tentiQ will be seen at multiple defence and temporary structure exhibitions throughout 2018, including Eurosatory on 11-15 June in Paris. The team will be featuring their product range, as well as their recent ground-breaking carbon-hybrid products.

The Quality and Innovation Driving Force Behind HTS tentiQ

HTS tentiQ is the Military and Humanitarian Division of the global temporary structure manufacturer HTS tentiQ; a family run business with the owner Mr Heinz Röder and his son Wilhelm Röder actively playing a part in its daily running.   

Military Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

Mobile storage and maintenance space for military vehicles and aircrafts can sometimes be challenging. Military aircraft hangars and vehicle maintenance shelters need to be large, strong and durable but remain demountable, relocatable and easy to deploy globally.

HTS tentiQ exhibited at FIDAE 2014

This year HTS tentiQ, one of the world's leading manufacturers of clear span structure systems, will exhibit at the largest military show in South America - FIDAE.