Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Shelters

Aircraft Hangar and Maintenance Shelters

Aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters

The range of aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters are the largest military shelter we supply, with the standard range going up to 60m in width, 14m roof height and customised ranges going up to widths of 70m. They are strong and durable with high snow and wind tolerances and relatively easy to transport and install.


These shelters are designed for mobile aircraft and vehicle maintenance and storage. The range in sizes make them idea for land vehicles, battle tanks and small or large aircraft. The additional option of an eyelid gate also makes them adaptable for aircraft with high tail fins.


The standard shelters range from 7.60m to 60m wide, unlimited length and a maximum roof height of 13.92 metres. Customised designs and larger sizes are available. They are engineered to tolerate up to 100 km/h wind speed and a snow load of up to 100 kg/m² .

Specification overview

Frame: Engineered from hard pressed extruded aluminium
Profile size: 130mm / 70mm / 3mm (Four Channel)
Components: Hot dipped corrosive resistant galvanised steel
Cover: Industrial grade PVC, 650m² coated polyester fabric. Flame retardancy to DIN 4102 B1, M2 BS 5438 / 7837, USA NFPA701

Weather resistance

They are engineered to tolerate up to 100km/h wind speed and a snow load of up to 100kg/m² .


As the sizes vary significantly in this range so does the packing size and volume. However, the smallest maintenance tent can be transported in a 2.50m-long package. Aircraft hangars can usually be transported in a 20ft container.

Set up

Average set up would be sixteen hours by a team of around ten people depending on size and configuration.


Shelters can be enhanced and adapted with a full range of accessories such as: sunshade covers, insulation liners, flooring systems, electrics (distribution boxes, lighting, cables) HVAC and more.

NEW Carbon-Hybrid Option

The maintenance shelter is also available using our new and fully patented carbon-hybrid frame, which will reduce packaged weight by 35% and packaged volume by 50%, making transport, handling and installation faster and more economical.

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