Carbon-Hybrid Shelters

Carbon-Hybrid Military Troop Shelter

The latest generation of military shelter is available exclusively and only from HTS tentiQ. Our new and fully patented, carbon-hybrid range of shelters achieves the optimum in strength and weight.

The unique lighter but stronger frame means a carbon-hybrid structure will achieve much higher snow and wind tolerances than its standard counterpart, but equally much smaller and lighter packaged volumes, up to 35% less weight and 50% less packaged volume. This achieves significant cost and time savings in handling, transporting and installing.


We can supply our troop, maintenance and multi-purpose shelters in the carbon-hybrid range. They are suitable for the same uses as the standard ranges, accommodation, operational, medical, maintenance, aircraft, recreational, but come with the smaller, lighter, stronger frame.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Lightweight carbon / alloy frame profile improves structural stability
  • Significant reduction in overall weight and volumetric size facilitates economical shipping
  • Engineered to achieve higher wind and snow load capabilities
  • Faster installation build times thanks to lightweight components

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