VCAMM Composite Material Research, Development and Project Management

Advanced manufacturing of composite materials is among Australia’s most dynamic areas of business. This sector, which includes aerospace, defence, bio-technology, machinery and tooling accounts for half of Australia’s manufacturing output, and is the country’s fastest growing export category. With world-class research and education sectors, and an attitude of resourcefulness and creativity, Australians are among the best people in the world at generating high-value ideas.

At VCAMM, we are positioned to contribute to the growth of advanced materials and advanced manufacturing. By harnessing the imaginations of Australia’s best thinkers to solve the challenges of industry, we are accelerating the pace of innovation. Australia’s advanced manufacturing sector is entering an exciting phase of growth.

Composite material project management

VCAMM will manage your project from inception though to the delivery of results that are relevant to your business. We carry out a detailed scoping process of existing technology, then ensure the right research group carries out your project. We work with you to identify desired outcomes, key milestones and the scope of activity. We ensure the right resources are in place to do the job. We keep your project affordable and on-track. In other words. VCAMM does everything possible to maximise your opportunity.

As your project progresses, we will adjust the direction in accordance with technological and market developments. At the conclusion, we deliver industry-relevant results. By this, we mean results that are meaningful to your business, and relevant to your industry, at the project’s completion point. If the aim of your project is commercialisation, we manage the project until this aim is achieved.

Advanced material and light metal research and development

We have successfully managed a broad range of research and development projects in areas such as advanced materials and light metal applications, material characterisation, and forming and procession technologies. In many cases, VCAMM-initiated research and development has delivered world-first technology to our industry partners with the consequent financial rewards.

Within our partner institutions, each VCAMM research team is a recognised centre of excellence.

VCAMM maintains groups of core researchers who are used to working together on projects that follow industrial time frames and budgets. This allows us the flexibility to combine teams at different institutions, producing a combined capability unique to VCAMM. This approach has paid off for VCAMM and our commercial partners. By combining research capabilities with our collaborative framework, we’ve made rapid progress in accelerating ideas toward commercialisation.

Our innovations include the development of new polymer-ceramic impact resistant material; non-adhesive joining of carbon-fibre; new manufacturing techniques of composite materials; and the development of new signal receiving materials. There have been many others.

Analytical, testing and simulation equipment and facilities

Within Victoria’s scientific community, there is a range of world-class analytical, testing and simulation equipment and facilities. VCAMM can arrange cost-effective access to the equipment you need to move your idea though this critical stage. Whether a product or process, we can help design, model, characterise, test and validate, from the nano-scale upward.


VCAMM was founded on the premise that the future of manufacturing lies in the ability to generate advanced, high-value products and processes. Our purpose is to ensure that Victorian industry remains innovative, competitive and flexible. We achieve this by helping industry take full advantage of the extensive capabilities of the research community. In doing so, we accelerate innovation in industry.

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