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MG Squared

Lowering Devices for Surveillance Camera Maintenance in High Security Deployments

MG Squared developed and provided the first worldwide lowering system especially designed for surveillance camera use.

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MG Squared

MG Squared develops and provides worldwide lowering systems especially designed for surveillance camera use.

Maintenance of perimeter security surveillance cameras

MG Squared’s lowering system allows a camera to be lowered to ground level for simple, safe and quick maintenance.

The utilisation of a camera lowering device facilitates both the maintenance and design of any high-security application.

During operation, the entire camera and housing are unlatched from the position atop a pole or structure and lowered on a stainless-steel aircraft cable to ground level. When the camera is lowered, the lowering cable is the only one travelling within the pole.

Both the video cable and sensitive data are separated and secure inside the pole, without being subjected to stress or bending over pulleys during the procedure. The camera is made to re-latch in the same position each time due to alignment pins.

Ground level CCTV camera maintenance with a portable lowering tool

The standard maintenance for mounted cameras is with a bucket or lift truck, which proves both time-consuming and hazardous.

Their availability can mean cameras could remain offline, from a few hours up to a few weeks.

The bucket / lift truck is eliminated with the MG Squared lowering device as maintenance is now able to be performed on the ground.

With the company’s lowering device, maintenance can now be performed on the ground by a single non-skilled technician using a portable tool that can fit in the trunk of a small vehicle.

The best location and mounting height for the camera can be achieved while retaining maintainability with the MG Squared lowering device.

Surveillance camera lowering design

By using MG Squared’s lowering system, surveillance camera designs are not limited anymore by location or mounting height. Higher mounting heights enable a strategically placed camera can achieve a bigger area of view.

Individual cameras mounted at 18m to 30m can work at the same level of three or more cameras mounted at 12m or lower, therefore increasing effectiveness, maintainability and efficiency by employing less cameras and poles.

World leader in camera lowering technology

MG Squared utilises the highest quality, military-grade synthetic rubber contact connectors for unsurpassed durability and performance.

We have also produced an external mount system to be used with any existing structures at any height, allowing for retrofitting existing camera deployments. These include bridges, poles and communication towers.

MG devices are made to complement any camera manufacturer and mount on a whole range of structures or columns, such as fibreglass, aluminium, wooden, concrete and steel.

We are the leading provider in camera lowering technology for the US Department of Defense, Customs Service, Department of Transport and Office of Homeland Security.

MG’s systems are employed worldwide, and with thousands of global installations, our camera lowering device is now a fundamental aspect within any high-security project.

Lower Downtime and Raise Performance of CCTV

All across the US our homeland security initiative is making an impact. One way this impact has been observed has been through a rapid and extensive increase in the deployment of surveillance cameras.

MG Squared Lowering Systems

3301 Oak Hill Drive


AL 35216


United States of America