Lower Downtime and Raise Performance of CCTV

All across the US our homeland security initiative is making an impact. One way this impact has been observed has been through a rapid and extensive increase in the deployment of surveillance cameras.

Properly and strategically deployed cameras are our first line of defence in border, utility, business and transportation security applications. Cameras strategically located out from and around the perimeter of the respective facility or border, provide the security team with the ability to identify potential threats before the border or facility perimeter is breached.

The ability to see who's coming at you, from where, with what, certainly provides any responding security team with a strategic advantage in stopping the threat before it becomes realised.

It is always better to stop breaches prior to or during their occurrence rather than simply clean up the aftermath of a breach and only use the cameras to identify the perpetrators after-the-fact.

With this concept in mind, three key factors must be considered in the deployment of perimeter surveillance cameras.

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