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Lightweight, Rapidly Deployable Shelters, Containers, Pallets and Sustainment Solutions

AAR Mobility Systems designs, manufactures, integrates and services a variety of mobility products to support military and humanitarian relief operations.

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United States of America
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AAR Mobility Systems is a leading global supplier of military rapid deployable equipment and mobile tactical shelters. We offer various products that enhance our military and government customers’ ability to mobilize, deploy, manoeuvre, and sustain forces. We back our products with quality production and a network of service centres, field service teams, and strategic partners.

Palletised Systems for military applications

We offer a range of pallets and palletised solutions, including 463L air cargo pallets, custom pallets and platforms, and pallets for air-transporting ISO containers. Our quick-change palletized seat systems are designed to fit all military aircraft, ensuring efficient and secure transportation of personnel and cargo.

ISU® Containers

Our internal airlift/helicopter slingable containers are lightweight and versatile, offering a one-pallet position for easy loading and unloading.  We provide standard and speciality containers tailored for customized air-mobile shipping and storage of cargo, meeting the highest standards of durability and reliability.

Tactical shelter systems

Our tactical shelter systems utilise proprietary features for rapid aircraft on-and-off load. They are designed for quick deployment in any environment and provide essential protection and functionality. They are available in standard and custom one and two-pallet position air mobile configurations, as well as 20-foot ISO shelters.

1 pallet position, Hardside Expandable Small Air Mobile Shelter (HESAMS) deployed.
Exterior view of SCIF enclosure inside a Hardside Expandable Small Air Mobile Shelter
Two-pallet position, eight windows with black out shades, Hardside Expandable Light Air Mobile Shelter (HELAMS) deployed
3:1 Expandable, deployed 20 ft ISO shelter, available with SCIF technology
Lightweight Multipurpose Shelter (LMS), four types to choose from, EMI shielded
Expandable Van Shelter (EVAN) for FMTV 5-ton chassis
M1079, Mobile Shop Van Shelter (SVS), Non-expandable for LMTV, securable interior emergency release built into double personnel door at rear
Internal Airlift/Helicopter Slingable Container Unit, ISU® 70 KCA Container, two flip up storage doors above short doors, 8in aisleway on 108in side allows troops to sit in seats on the left side
Internal Airlift/Helicopter Slingable Container Unit, ISU® 90
463L Pallet, Air and surface transportable, meets military and commerical air transport requirements.

Command and control systems

Our command-and-control systems feature C4 system design and integration, as well as radio interoperability systems. These ruggedized models gather and relay critical battle information to Tactical Operation Centers (TOC), Command Posts (CP), and emergency response centres, in addition to other fixed or transit-case mobile sheltered systems.

Expeditionary systems

Our comprehensive range of expeditionary systems includes maintenance and calibration shops, mobile power solutions, and water purification and treatment systems. We also provide critical mobile encampment components such as laundries, offices, kitchens, dormitories, labs, and clinics. These systems are designed to provide essential support in remote and challenging environments.

Sustainment and technical services

We offer a full suite of sustainment and technical services, which include shelter modification and integration, RESET, C4 system upgrades/refreshes, field/depot maintenance and repair, and hands-on training for all our products.

AAR Mobility Systems products are characterized by their lightweight design, intermodal and airworthy capabilities, energy efficiency, and minimal transport footprint.

White Papers

  • Palletized Systems

    AAR Mobility Systems has been providing 463L System Cargo Pallets to the United States Armed Forces since the early 1960s.

  • Shelters

    AAR Mobility Systems manufactures a variety of shelters for military operations and humanitarian efforts.

  • Containers

    AAR Mobility Systems is a world leader in manufacturing air transportable containers.

  • 20-Foot ISO Shelter

    Features include: Aluminum frame with bonded “Foam-and-Beam” structural panels, ISO Certified for air, land, or sea transport, CSC Certified.

  • SPACEMAX® Brochure

    The SPACEMAX® line of high-tech, foldable, portable buildings offer instant living and workspace solutions anywhere on earth.


  • Animated Mobility Systems

    Mobility Systems delivers military shelter systems that are mission-tailored and life-cycle support for governments, militaries, and non-profit organisations worldwide.

Press Releases

Products & services

  • Military Pallets

    Only AAR Mobility Systems 463L pallets are Internally Airlift Certified We have been the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for over 50 years and continue to be the United States Air Force’s only certified refurbishment and repair center for both the legacy balsa core and NextGen all Aluminum friction stir weld pallets.

  • Vehicle Mounted Shelters

    Vehicle-mounted mobile shelters provide contained mobile workspaces for intelligence gathering, medical and infrastructure requirements, troop movement, and delivery of essential supplies.

  • Military Containers

    Supporting single and multiple supply lines is increasingly difficult and complex due to distributed points of need and strategically complex regions.

  • Military Shelters

    AAR Mobility Systems engineers and manufactures air transportable and helicopter slingable intermodal shelter systems for military operations and humanitarian efforts for federal, state, and local municipalities.

  • SPACEMAX® Mobile Shelters

    SPACEMAX® shelters are at the forefront of mobile deployable shelters by using revolutionary technologies supported by decades of research and development. SPACEMAX® is not just a mobile shelter, it's a total system.

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