AAR Mobility Systems designs, manufactures, integrates and services a variety of mobility products to support military and humanitarian relief operations. We offer:

  • ISU® shipping and storage containers
  • Mobile tactical shelter systems
  • Air cargo pallets and palletized seating systems
  • A wide range of product kits and accessories
  • Sustainment and technical services

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Shipping and storage containers for the defense industry

AAR Mobility Systems is a world leader in manufacturing air transportable shipping and storage containers.

As the sole manufacturer of the ISU® (internal airlift/ helicopter slingable container unit) container, our design specifications meet or exceed Department of Defense standards for air transportation of equipment and supplies.

ISU® containers are lightweight, one-pallet position containers for customized air-mobile shipping and storage of equipment, spare parts, and high-value cargo.
Mobile tactical shelter systems, such as the lightweight multipurpose shelter (LMS), are designed and manufactured with maximum flexibility to meet the ever-changing deployment requirements of military, peacekeeping, and disaster-relief forces worldwide.
Palletized systems, including the 463L HCU-6E Pallet, are designed for short-term storage and quick movement of cargo, plus air-transporting ISO containers and palletized seat systems for all military transport aircraft.
Product kits and accessories are available for our full line of ISU® containers, mobile tactical shelters, and palletized systems to enhance your products in order to meet mission requirements.
Sustainment and technical services include shelter modifications and integration, reset services, C4I system upgrade/refresh, field/depot maintenance and repair, hands-on training, engineering and design, testing and field support.
The SPACEMAX® line of high-tech, foldable, portable buildings offers instant living and workspace solutions. With revolutionary new technologies, SPACEMAX® shelters can be customised to balance cost and functionality.

With more than 40 different configurations available, each container can be easily customized for any mission requirement such as armories, laundries, refrigerated containers, dog kennels, weapons rooms, maintenance, ATV storage, and more.

Our complete collection of containers offers a wide range of deployment capabilities, including land transport, sealift, or airlift by any configuration of cargo aircraft in the world.

ISU containers improve mobilization capability for expeditionary units by providing faster load and off-load times, immediate operational workspace, reduced deployment footprint, secure equipment in transit, instant access to parts, and the ability to lock in aircraft cargo restraint systems with no pallet or tie-down chains required.

Mobile tactical shelter systems

AAR Mobility Systems manufactures a wide range of mobile tactical shelter systems for military operations and humanitarian efforts, including air mobile shelters, 20ft ISO shelters and vehicle-mounted shelters.

Our complete line of intermodal shelter systems has been designed with maximum flexibility to comply with end-user requirements, provide ease of set-up, and meet long lifespan requirements with rugged construction.

Our shelter systems improve mobilization capabilities for expeditionary units by providing a patented integral loading base for rapid aircraft load and off load times, immediate operational workspace, reduced deployment footprint, and secure equipment in transit.

Numerous configurations are available to suit any mission, including tactical operations centers, briefing rooms, ablution units, laundry facilities, kitchens, supply and part storage, sleeping quarters, water treatment and storage, as well as tire maintenance facilities.

We continue to expand and improve our shelter product lines to meet the ever-changing deployment requirements of military, peacekeeping and disaster relief forces worldwide.

Air cargo pallets and palletized seating systems

AAR Mobility Systems has been providing 463L System Air Cargo Pallets to the United States Armed Forces since the early 1960s and continues to be the world leader in the design and production of 463L System Pallets.

Our venerable 6/E Air Cargo Pallet has been a mainstay for cargo movements in the Air Force since 1963. Further developments have led to the design and manufacture of enhanced palletized systems, such as navy undersea rescue platforms, and palletized seating systems for all military transport aircraft. AAR continues to lead the world in the development of cargo pallet systems.

Container and shelter product kits and accessories

We understand that an empty container or shelter may not be enough. AAR Mobility Systems has a comprehensive line of accessories available to enhance your ISU containers and mobile tactical shelters in order to meet mission requirements. We also have over 800 kits available to integrate into ISU containers.

Sustainment and technical services for mobility products

In addition to designing and manufacturing a wide range of shelters, containers and pallet systems, we also provide high-quality after-market support for our products, as well as the products of other manufacturers.

To support our mobility products as well as others, we offer many different types of services, including shelter system integration, maintenance and repair services, mobile field services, testing, engineering and design services, mobility deployment solutions and training services.

Supported by years of manufacturing excellence, AAR designs solutions, integrates custom configurations, extends the life of systems, and supports mission requirements from design through to completion.

SPACEMAX® mobility shelters for cost-effective deployable space

AAR Mobility Systems manufactures SPACEMAX® shelters that provide lightweight, durable solutions for rapidly deployable space at a lower cost. SPACEMAX® is more than a mobile shelter, it’s a total system.

SPACEMAX® products are customisable to your needs. The energy efficiency of SPACEMAX units reduces costs and risk, limiting the amount of energy resources needed for transportation.

About AAR Mobility Systems

AAR Mobility Systems is a division of AAR Corporation, a nearly $2.1bn global provider of aerospace, defense, and commercial aircraft after-market products and services. Our customers are supported by a worldwide network of representatives, distributors and agents.

AAR combines new technologies with practical, hands-on expertise to rapidly develop systems that allow our customers to operate faster and more efficiently, anywhere, anytime.