Only AAR Mobility Systems 463L pallets are Internally Airlift Certified. We have been the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for over 50 years and continue to be the United States Air Force’s only certified refurbishment and repair centre for both the legacy balsa core and NextGen all Aluminum friction stir weld pallets.

Our Material Handling Support System 463L and pallets are used by the United States Air Force’s military airlifters and civilian Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAFT) cargo aircraft. 463L pallets and nets are vital components for an effective airlift system to aid in preplanning the load and reducing aircraft ground time.  In emergency situations, a 463L pallet system can directly impact the success or failure of any mission.

US and NATO Allied partners use 463L palletized seating systems to provide passengers with 10 lbs. of under the seat stowed luggage and seating, quick egress / ingress seat back trays and lift-up arms.

Certifications: MIL -DTL-27433, MIL-STD-209, MIL-HDBK-1791, and MIL-HDBK-516

Applications include: console / rack mission pallets, pallets for air-transporting ISO containers, customized pallets for unique cargo, palletized seat / galley / lavatory systems, Navy Undersea Rescue Vehicles, and Integrated Airborne Modules.

Download the Palletized Systems brochure from the white page section and learn which pallets and palletized systems are the best for your unique cargo loading and seating systems.